Summer rain may be a pleasant, rare occurrence in most places. But in Florida, anything is possible all year round. And with the state already being abundant with mosquitoes, summer rain doesn’t quite help the situation. Misting systems do an excellent job of killing off these biting bugs and keeping them at bay, but how well do they fare against downpours? The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here to let you know how mosquitoes react to summer rain and whether or not these conditions will ruin the effectiveness of your misting system.

Warm Weather And Wet Environments: A Mosquito’s Paradise

The reason why there are so many mosquito swarms during the summer is because they love warm weather. However, they still need water and moisture to reproduce. Summer rain is like getting a two-for-one deal because mosquitoes can thrive in their ideal temperatures while having access to many sources of stagnant water after rainfall. That’s why it’s especially important to find an effective mosquito control that can continue to do its job even when faced with summer rain.

A Brief Overview Of A Mosquito’s Life Cycle

The reason why mosquitoes seem to thrive soon after it rains is because adult female mosquitoes lay their eggs in the standing water that’s left behind. If the eggs remain unbothered, they will hatch into larvae and turn into a pupa before evolving into full-fledged adult mosquitoes. Then the cycle repeats with the new female mosquitoes seeking a blood meal before laying more eggs.

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Mosquito Misting Systems: The Best Choice For Rain

Compared to other methods like chemicals and zappers, misting systems are one of the few methods that can be used practically in the rain. That’s because these automated systems can produce a fine mist without you needing to go out and get wet to manually turn them on, and the mist that comes out lingers in the air so it’s not washed away by the rain. Meanwhile, you would have to watch out for electrical hazards with zappers or your chemicals getting flooded.

Why Not Mosquito Fogging?

If misting systems work well in the summer rain, then why wouldn’t fogging be effective? Though the concepts may sound similar, they are actually very different things. The spray that is produced through fogging is much more dense, and since it’s a thicker substance, rain is able to sweep it away. Even when it’s not raining, mosquito fogging techniques only last a few hours and require a professional to come over and perform additional services. Misting systems offer a permanent solution with minimal maintenance needed.

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Call Your Local Mosquito Experts At SWAT Mosquito Systems!

For an automated mosquito misting system that continues to be effective during summer rain in Florida, contact the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples by calling (954) 437-1815! After receiving a free estimate, our skilled team will equip you with a customized and automated misting system complete with a remote control to make your setup truly yours!

Are you desperate for effective mosquito control but want to maintain the beauty of your yard? You might want to consider a mosquito misting system. Homeowners that are unfamiliar with this method of mosquito control might be concerned about having equipment in their yard that they can see, but they’re actually very discreet as long as you hire the right professionals. Today, SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville is here to show you how misting systems can be the camouflaged yet effective mosquito treatment you’ve been searching for!

Mosquito Misting Systems Compared To Other Products

When it comes to appearances, how are misting systems any different from other mosquito control products? If you’ve tried other methods before, it’s easy to spot the major flaws of each one. For example, mosquito trappers and zappers need to be near the space you occupy in order for it to be effective which makes them hard to ignore. If you don’t want electrical devices whirring and clicking nearby, you’ve probably tried store-bought chemicals. But after applying these substances, you won’t even be able to occupy your yard for some time. This is why misting systems are the better solution since they’re safe and they can be installed out of sight and out of mind.

Misting System Layouts Explained

What exactly makes misting systems more discreet than other products? Misting systems are composed of three main parts: a tank, hoses, and nozzles. The tank is placed in a hidden area that is out of plain sight while the tubes running from it are also placed along spaces that won’t intrude on high-traffic areas. Even the nozzles that are installed above ground are small and slender so as to not attract too much attention. However, it takes a skilled professional to scope the property and devise the perfect layout for your yard to achieve these unobtrusive results.

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Additional Benefits To Misting Systems In The Yard

Aside from the subtle appearance of misting systems, they can also be covert in other ways. The mist that is produced is so thin and fine that by the time it’s carried through the wind, it seems nearly nonexistent. And while it’s producing the mist, it barely gives off any sound. You’ll have to be listening intently to notice it whereas zappers make a loud and audible buzzing sound every time something gets caught in its trap. And most importantly, anyone can enjoy the yard space while the misting system is active because the solution is safe for humans and pet exposure.

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How To Get Covert Mosquito Control Near You

Finding a professional to carefully examine your yard and set up a discreet mosquito misting system is as easy as calling SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa at (954) 437-1815! Every installation is entirely unique to your exact property for the most effective means of mosquito control. We will supply you with a remote to take control of your automated misting system and we can teach you how to use the accompanying smartphone app for your convenience. Get started today by asking for a free estimate on your next installation!

If you value your child’s safety, you probably have an entire list of things that you frequently check to make sure that they stay happy and healthy. Maybe you consistently watch what they eat, or you make sure that they keep up with all of their medical appointments. But out of all of the ways that you ensure their safety, have you ever thought about how mosquito bites can affect them? These small bites can do more than just itch. They can introduce unfamiliar diseases into the bloodstream and kickstart all kinds of concerning symptoms. Today, the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach are here to explain why mosquito control is important for your child’s safety!

Comparing Childlike Behaviors With Mosquito Activity

What do we know about children? They’re very sociable and love to play outdoors. And if there’s a pool nearby, you can bet that they’ll be eager to jump in. Encouraging kids to play outside is a healthy habit to get them into since they’ll take a break from their screens and get some much-needed sunlight. However, the experience can be ruined once they get a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes love backyard environments that have shady areas and water sources, especially pools. This means that they’re very likely to be nearby and in biting range. And once your child gets bitten, you’ll need to watch them closely to see if they exhibit any symptoms such as:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Body aches
  • Weakened muscles
  • Paralysis

Since children are still in the process of developing their bodies, they have weaker immune systems making it harder to ensure these symptoms. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to when and where mosquitoes are most active and get the best form of mosquito control to combat them in a way that’s still safe for kids.

How Arboviruses Can Cause Birth Defects

Some mosquito-borne illnesses, with a major emphasis on the Zika Virus, are capable of transmitting diseases to pregnant women which can result in defects and deformities in newborn children. Many of these defects can cause children to be born with brain or eye-related problems including trouble hearing or seeing and a delay in their developmental stages. Other issues include restricted body movements, trouble swallowing, and problems in the joint areas. With all of the permanent symptoms that can occur before a newborn even has a chance to grow, it’s crucial to protect yourself during pregnancy for the sake of your child’s future.

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The Safest Form Of Mosquito Control For Children

If mosquito control is essential for your child’s safety, what types of products are the best kind to have around them? Anything containing toxic chemicals is definitely something to avoid since you don’t want them being exposed to anything hazardous while they’re out playing. Spray-on repellents also fall in this category, and they’re not that effective anyway. Devices that put out any sort of voltage should also be kept away from children for obvious reasons. So what’s left? Mosquito misting systems emit an effective solution that’s made up of natural ingredients so that children can roam about carefree even while the system is active. And since they’re programmed to work automatically throughout the day, it’s never been easier to protect your kids from mosquitoes!

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To protect your kids from mosquitoes by using safer methods, call SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach today at (954) 437-1815 to ask about our customized mosquito misting systems and to receive a free estimate! All of our automated misting systems are app-compatible and come with a remote control for your convenience.

Now that summer is here, everyone is eager to dip their toes into the pool to cool themselves off from the sun. But a fun and refreshing swim can quickly end in a rush to get out of the water and avoid getting bitten by unrelenting mosquitoes. No one wants to cut their good time short which is why the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa will let you in on these useful tips for mosquito-proofing your pool!

1. Keep Up With Surrounding Yard Work

It can come as common knowledge to Floridians that mosquitoes thrive off of stagnant water. They’ll tip over lids and tires in an attempt to eliminate any safe place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, but there’s one area that you might be missing. Mosquitoes like any type of moisture, and that includes the bit of water that can be found on leaves and grass. These spots are also an ideal place for them to hide since they’re often undisturbed by people who are too preoccupied looking in more obvious places. If you have trees or grass close to your pool, mosquitoes can make their way over to the large body of water anytime they want with easy access. By mowing your lawn and spraying your trees regularly, you can help prevent these bugs from making themselves cozy so close to your pool area.

2. Plant Natural Mosquito Repellants

Although it might not be effective enough to act as your main method of mosquito control, planting natural mosquito repellants around your pool could help deter them. Mosquitoes typically can’t stand the smell of strong herbs and select flowers like rosemary, basil, lavender, geranium, and so on. Planting these species also comes with extra benefits like adding some color to your yard or providing you with cooking ingredients!

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3. Maintain Your Pool Area Regularly

As a fan of stagnant water, mosquitoes will be more attracted to unattended pools than most other water sources. Regular pool maintenance is crucial to keeping them out and avoiding finding eggs the next time you dive in on a sunny day. Mosquitoes are less likely to be interested in treated or chlorinated water so checking your pH levels should be on your weekly to-do list. It also helps to stay vigilant in keeping a cover over your pool when you’re not using it and making sure that it’s tightly sealed all around.

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4. Install Mosquito Control Around Your Pool

To keep mosquitoes out of your yard entirely, and thus out of your pool, it’s worth it to invest in a mosquito control product that works. One of the best forms of mosquito control that you can buy is an automated misting system. Installed by qualified professionals, your misting system will spray a natural but effective solution across your yard throughout the day for guaranteed results. These systems are safe to have near the pool to keep mosquitoes from ruining a nice swim to cool off from the summer season!

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