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The outdoor lighting needs of each space is different. With this in mind, SWAT is pleased to offer a wide range of Coastal Source lighting products whose versatility means your yard will be lit in exactly the best way to ensure functionality and attractiveness.

Custom Outdoor Lighting by Coastal Source

The level of customizability of Coastal Source lighting products is augmented by the number of lighting fixture options as well as a wide variety of lighting accessories including  wall and tree mounts. In addition, Coastal Source offers a selection of light bulbs with varying light temperatures including Sunshine, Daylight, and Moonlight. Varying light temperatures throughout your outdoor space adds yet another level of attractiveness to in a subtle way.

The Coastal Source diverse line of lighting products also includes beautiful lighting accents including Coastal Source Starlight which adds a mesmerizing twinkle to any focal point of your space. Coastal Source utilizes their signature Plug+Play connector system which means the attractiveness of the Starlight fixture can be added to any existing outdoor lighting plan.


SWAT also offers Coastal Source’s Tiki Torches which are a reusable and attractive alternative to the disposable version. Coastal Source’s Tiki Torches are made completely of solid brass and are available either as an LED/fuel combination or in a fuel-only variety. These beautiful fixtures are constructed with the same attention to quality and longevity which goes into all Coastal Source products.

Best of all, all of the lighting products offered are backed by Coastal Source’s guarantee and reputation for durability, quality, and beauty.