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Coastal Lighting


Florida’s beautiful weather in combination with the thousands of miles of beautiful coastal property is arguably this area’s biggest draw and best attribute. That same beauty is hard on our homes and responsible for expensive corrosive weather damage and premature rusting of property and outdoor fixtures. South Florida’s proximity to the ocean means our patios and outdoor spaces are subjected to a near constant spray of salt. In addition, there are a number of factors which come together to create the perfect livable outdoor space including fertilizer and insecticide which are necessary to keep the bugs away, but have damaging results on landscape lighting systems.

Protecting against Florida’s damaging weather systems is an area in which the D’Ascanio brothers, Tony, Franco and Amedeo have a lot of experience. They bring their wealth of knowledge, backed by fifty years of experience, to Coastal Source landscape lighting systems which SWAT is proud to offer as part of our landscaping services.

Born out of a dissatisfaction for industry standards when it came the materials used in the construction of outdoor products and how these supposed standards stood up to Florida’s unique tropical climate, Coastal Source landscape lighting products are beautiful and designed to weather Florida’s climatic challenges. Thanks to intense research, hands on experience, and an understanding of our region’s mother nature induced challenges, Coastal Source has tackled the multitude of problems relating to landscape lighting, and the results are both visually stunning and practical.

SWAT is pleased to offer you Coastal Source’s quality lighting solutions, the new industry standard when it comes to landscape lighting and outdoor living.