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SWAT Mosquito System App

Ever imagine life without mosquitos? You no longer need to imagine, just tap your phone, and like magic, you can enjoy your life free of bug bites.  We have developed an app that allows you total control over your SWAT mosquito misting system. Straight from the dashboard, you can initiate a misting cycle and schedule when the mist will be released, check the system for any issue such as leaks or low levels of solution, and contact us directly.

Until recently you had to be at home in order to program the system or turn it off, now you can be half a world away and have total control.  Say you are coming back from a business trip, as soon as you get to the airport you can use the app to initiate misting and you are done. By the time you get home, the mosquitos are taken care of and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors without the pesky and dangerous nuisance that plagues most people. 

Curious about how it works? If you want the power to rid yourself of mosquitoes at your fingertips, click on the video for our mosquito misting system app below!

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