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repel mosquitos

Backyard Plants That Help Repel Mosquitos

Plants you need in your backyard Mosquitos have always been an annoying species to deal with since the beginning of time. They have been around… ...
mosquito protection

Nature in Your Classroom: Class vs. Pesky Bug Bites

Summer quickly turned into fall, but the learning landscape still differs depending on your location in 2021. It is becoming more common for areas of… ...
outdoor bugs

5 of the Most Common Outdoor Bugs in FL

  Most Common Outdoor Bugs In FL and how to get rid of them  If you live in Florida you know how common bugs and… ...
mosquito vs spider bite

Mosquito vs Spider Bites

  Identifying which Bug Bit You Sometimes bug bites are worrisome cause they all look similar. Well, there are some distinct differences to keep in… ...

Peppermint oil vs Mosquitos: Who wins?

  Can Peppermint oils get rid of mosquitos?  People are constantly looking for home remedies to fix issues, so why would the pests flying around… ...
aedes mosquito awareness

Aedes Mosquito Awareness: What You Need to Know

  Aedes mosquitoes are a very aggressive species. They are known for ruining perfectly good afternoons, picnics, and any other day activity, as they tend… ...
st louis encephalitis

St. Louis Encephalitis: How You Can Prevent This Potentially Dangerous Virus

  Mosquito transmitted illnesses tend to be very serious and even have the potential of becoming fatal. Unfortunately, the St. Louis encephalitis virus is no… ...
Lake County Mosquito Problem Highlights Value of Mosquito Misting Systems

Mosquito Problem Highlights Value of Backyard Mosquito Misting Systems

  Imagine walking out of the house and seeing just about every surface covered in wiggling little creatures, this is what people in Lake County,… ...
eliminating mosquitoes

GMOs Secret to Solving Mosquito Problems?

  A British Biotech Company has been running trials on a genetically modified mosquito that could in time be the answer to the global mosquito… ...
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