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Imagine your property free of Mosquitoes and No-see-ums.

We started SWAT Mosquito Misting Systems in Florida because we believed removing the nuisance of mosquitoes and no-see-ums from people’s outdoor lives to be a formidable challenge. Since our start on this journey several years ago, SWAT Mosquito Misting Systems has expanded our focus to include other states in the South Eastern United States.

After serving thousands of homes and businesses with the elimination of mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other biting insects, we are confident that our mosquito misting system can work for your home, restaurant, or other property. We are so confident that your satisfaction is 100% lifetime guaranteed or we will refund your money back!

Here are a few words from our customers…

Dear SWAT,

My family is very pleased with our new system. Once grandchildren came into the picture, we found ourselves in the backyard again. Living on the beach didn’t help with our pest problem. After resorting to all methods such as Citronella, Tiki Torches and even screening in our pool area to no avail our granddaughter Nina still got stung and was sent to the hospital with an allergic reaction. Now realizing this was a serious problem not willing to risk our lives to save a little money we have since had your mosquito misting system installed and have not had one risky encounter. Steve I just want to say thank you for protecting our family and giving us our yard back.

Jim and Glenda Folsom
Miami Dade


After trying many different methods, my wife finally broke down and had one of your professional reps come out and explain how the system could help us and our dilemma. After being very hesitant, we continued with the process and I have to say after the install we have been pest free and for that is a blessing. So again Steve, keep up the good work!


I just wanted to say how much joy you have brought back into our lives ridding us of our mosquito problem. With mosquito prevention we can finally enjoy our backyard again. The kids can swim, I can return to my chrysanthemums, and my husband and I can spend a little romantic time on the deck in the evenings giving back the view of the ocean we bought this home for.

Cynthia Stern
Hollywood fl.

Steve & the staff at S.W.A.T

We live in New Jersey year round and during the winter months we come down to our summer home. Over the past few years our flying pests have increased running us in the house, not allowing us to enjoy our backyard. After hearing a next door neighbor RAVE!!! about her new system. I set an appointment as well, determined to gain control over my backyard. After gaining all the facts it seemed as the only logical move to make and after our installation, guess who won in the war of the battle of the bugs!!

Thank you,
James and Judy Parker

Jona here just wanting to drop a line to tell you how impressed I am with my system. After having your helpful representatives in my home to make sure I understood exactly how this could benefit my home and well-being, I decided to have one of your mosquito misting systems installed. I have now been mosquito free for two years, and couldn’t be happier!

Palm Beach


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