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Mosquito Misting Systems

Who Needs a Mosquito Misting System?

Traditionally, keeping yourself safe from mosquitos can be an involved process. You might hire a pest control company to come out and spray throughout the year. Meanwhile, whenever you go outside you have to apply an irritating insect repellent to your skin. If you really want to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll install mosquito nets and hope you can avoid bites with all of these methods in place.

Why Choose SWAT Mosquito Systems?

Unlike these traditional methods of mosquito and no-see-um control, SWAT Mosquito Systems uses advanced misting systems to keep mosquitos, no-see-ums, and other common outdoor insects away. With that in mind, who can really benefit from a mosquito misting system? And, how do these systems work?

Living In Florida – Combatting Mosquitos

Florida is a wonderful place to live. With some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, people vacation from around the world to soak in the sunlight and enjoy summers of fun. During the winter, many take refuge from their homes up north thanks to the mild temperature. Offering a plethora of activities year-round, Florida is a world-preferred tourist destination for a reason. However, as with most good things in life, there is sometimes a downside. And, as a resident of Florida, you probably know that side all too well – the biting insects.

While most people around the country are familiar with flies and mosquitoes, Florida is home to a much more pervasive and often more annoying pest – the no-see-um. These no-see-ums are aptly named because you never really see them, but they bite you none the less. There are few things more irritating than trying to enjoy a nice day outside then being constantly bitten by these seemingly invisible insects. To help keep them at bay, a professionally installed misting system may be just what you need around your property. This way, you won’t see them because they won’t be there to bother you.


Understanding the sheer number of biting insects that call Florida their home, it’s easy to imagine why so many look for ways to keep these pests out of their yards. Unlike more traditional mosquito control efforts, leveraging an advanced mosquito misting system means you can passively fight against these insects without going through a big ritual every time you want to plan an outdoor activity. A mosquito misting system is installed on your property, focusing on the areas from which you want to keep pests out. In these areas, we install a custom-designed misting system.

This system can be remotely controlled and monitored, which is why we offer an application you can install on your Android or iOS device to monitor the performance of your system throughout the year. Instead of having to regularly check on and apply chemicals, you can go outside and enjoy a mosquito-free yard without hassle.


When you choose to have a misting system installed, our engineers go to work planning a custom design to fit your specific property. We do this for two primary reasons. First, we want to ensure your yard is properly covered, keeping the mosquitos and no-see-ums out of key areas so you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities. Secondly, we strive to keep a low profile on our system. Part of the reason you install a misting system is to avoid the unnecessary pest control measures every time you go outside. With that in mind, these low-profile designs ensure you can enjoy the outdoors without unsightly equipment.


Of course, it’s important to understand that keeping these pests away isn’t just a matter of convenience. Many insects, especially the all-too-common mosquito, can carry diseases and viruses. A single bite from an infected mosquito can transmit the disease to you or your loved ones, which can mean expensive medical bills and the potential for more long-term ill effects. Having a mosquito misting system installed on your property helps put a sort of barrier in place to protect against mosquitos. This way, you not only avoid painful and itchy bites, but you also help prevent the potential for diseases and other dangerous viruses they might carry.


Knowing all of this is great, but who really can benefit from a system? One of the most common reasons people look to get a misting system from SWAT Mosquito Systems is they are looking for a solution that will allow them to entertain in their home. Whether it’s your friends or family, having this sort of low-profile system installed means you can entertain at your home without the annoyance of mosquitos and no-see-ums. It also means you can maintain a beautiful landscape that your friends and family can enjoy.


In addition to homeowners, many business owners in Florida look at mosquito misting systems as a more effective way to keep annoying biting insects away from their guests. Whether a restaurant, hotel, or perhaps a more specialized outdoor business like a golf course, having a misting system installed on your grounds can be a way to keep mosquitos away without alarming your guests. Since we rely heavily on botanical repellents and non-hazardous ingredients, you can comfortably put these systems in place without worrying about whether it might disrupt the activities on your property.

The experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems can design a mosquito misting system for your business, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial property. Hotel owners, using our mosquito misting system will eliminate complaints and protect your guests from unpleasant bites without ruining the safety or beauty of your grounds.

Installing the Best Mosquito Misting Systems

So, is a misting system right for you? If you’re tired of getting bitten up by no-see-ums, mosquitos, or other insects, it’s definitely an effective way to rid yourself of this annoyance. If you want to ensure you avoid insect-borne diseases and illnesses that you might be exposed to after a bite, these misting systems are also a powerful option. Or, if you simply want to ensure your guests can enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with any annoying mosquito or no-see-ums, a mosquito misting system can be the perfect solution.

We offer a 100% lifetime warranty for our full service customers. Read what our satisfied customers have to say. Ask us about our mosquito control solution for your home & business today!

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