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Collier County

Located on Florida’s West Coast, Collier County was named for Barron Collier, a New York City based advertising mogul who relocated to Florida’s Southwestern tip to enjoy the Sunshine State’s tropical climate, coastal beauty, and warm, uplifting sunshine. Like Barron Collier, Collier County residents enjoy all the beauty and tranquility Florida’s West Coast has to offer.

Along with the beauty of the Sunshine State comes a sometimes volatile weather system with excessive rainfall from May through October and tropical storms which blow through South Florida on occasion, and leave pools of stagnant water in their wake.

Standing water makes the Collier County outdoors the best of breeding grounds for as many as seventy-two types of mosquitos as well as no-see-ums, and other biting insects. Large mosquito populations can be not only annoying but dangerous as well as mosquitos can spread West Nile Virus in addition to certain strains of encephalitis.

SWAT offers Collier County a way to reclaim the outdoors and protect their family from potentially dangerous mosquito bites.

SWAT’s mosquito misting systems are expertly designed and customized to meet the needs of each outdoor space individually to ensure maximum protection from pesky biting insects. Each SWAT mosquito misting system is installed by a highly trained SWAT expert along the parameter of a property. Utilizing either a pyrethrum or rosemary oil based spray, SWAT’s system is effective, environmentally safe, and does not lead to any health problems. This means that Collier County residents can enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor space without any ill side effects.

For more information on the products and services SWAT offers Collier County residents, contact one of our highly trained experts by calling 1-866-900-7928.


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