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Indian River County

Listed as one of Florida’s wealthiest counties, Indian River County is rich in other ways behind just wealth. The idyllic scenery and tropical temperature of this coastal county mean that residents of Indian River County experience all of the beauty that Florida’s coast is famous for.

Unfortunately, Florida’s coast is also famous for extreme moisture, and volatile tropical storms which leave pooled, stagnant water in their wake. Stagnant water becomes the breeding ground for as many as seventy-two species of mosquitos as well as other pesky biting insects. Large populations of mosquitos can be both annoying as well as dangerous as mosquitos can aid the spread of West Nile virus as well as some strains of encephalitis.

SWAT’s mosquito misting systems can help Indian River County residents reclaim the outdoors and provide a safe way to reduce the mosquito populations in their outdoor spaces.

To achieve the best results, a SWAT expert does a thorough assessment of the area to be sprayed and will design a custom mosquito misting system around the parameter of your outdoor space. Each SWAT mosquito misting system is designed to form a protective barrier keeping mosquitos out of your yard.

For more information on the products and services SWAT offers Indian River County residents please contact a SWAT expert at 1-866-900-7928.


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