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Martin County

Located in the “Treasure Coast” region of the state of Florida, and home to the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, Martin County is home to some of South Florida’s most beautiful beaches and enjoys the same Tropical climate and hours of sunshine which all of Florida is famous for.

Thanks to the damp, rainy weather which befalls Southern Florida in the months from May to October each year, and the moist aftermath of tropical storms which occasionally build up and ravage the southern tip of the Florida peninsula, many outdoor spaces can go to waste as Martin County residents seek refuge indoors from the havoc of an overabundance of mosquitos, and the intense Florida heat.

Fortunately, SWAT Mosquito Misting offer Martin County residents the opportunity to reclaim the outdoors and experience outdoor living in Martin County to its fullest.

SWAT’s mosquito misting systems utilize a unique pyrethrum or rosemary oil-based spray solution which has been approved both by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Centers for Disease Control as a safe way to control the mosquito population. SWAT’s mosquito misting systems are custom designed by a trained SWAT expert and installed to form a protective parameter around a specific outdoor area. Thanks to SWAT’s mosquito misting system, the problem of pesky biting insects is virtually eliminated within a matter of days.

For more information on how SWAT can help Martin County residents reclaim the outdoors, please contact one of SWAT’s experts at 1-866-900-7928.


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