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Located on the Western coast of the Florida Peninsula, Naples is a family oriented town in Southern Florida whose economy is largely tourism based. It is the warm temperatures, tropical climate, and the beautify of the Florida coast that draws tourists to Naples each year. Residents of Naples also enjoy the trappings of the Sunshine State, but being a resident of this beautiful city also means experiencing the drawbacks that come with Florida’s rainy season and the intense heat that follows.

During Florida’s rainy season which runs from May until October, Naples becomes a breeding ground for as many as seventy-two mosquito species which are all out for blood! A mosquito’s bite can be annoying but also dangerous as this is how the sometimes dangerous West Nile virus is spread.

Fortunately, SWAT has a solution for Naples residents.  Utilizing a pyrethrum-based solution which is approved both by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Centers for Disease Control, a SWAT expert will do an in-depth assessment of a resident’s outdoor space. From that assessment, a custom mosquito misting systemwill be designed and an automated system will be installed.

For more information about how SWAT is helping Naples residents reclaim the outdoors, please contact one of our experts at 1-866-900-7928.


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