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Named for a laundry list of municipal laws designed to maintain the city’s “park-like” feel, Parkland Florida is a small charming city where residents can enjoy a comfortable rural environment which was free of both stores and traffic light up until the early 2000s. Located along the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula, Parkland experiences the humid tropical climate characteristic of this subtropical region.

The warm humid climate that Parkland is famous for is the same humid climate which makes Parkland resident’s outdoor spaces comfortable breeding grounds for mosquitos, no-see-ums, and other insects which keep Floridians locked up inside their homes instead of enjoying the cool that come with dusk.

SWAT Mosquito Systems offers Parkland residents the chance to reclaim the outdoors by installing custom designed mosquito misting systems around the parameter of Parkland resident’s outdoor spaces. All SWAT systems are designed and installed by a trained SWAT expert to meet each outdoor space’s unique needs and the home owner’s specifications.

By installing mosquito misting systems along the parameter of an outdoor space, a protective barrier is formed which fends off insects, and keeps the outdoor space livable.

For more information on the products and services SWAT offers Parkland residents, please contact us. One of our SWAT experts would be happy to assist you.


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