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Saint Lucie County

An area rich in Spanish culture, Saint Lucie County is a county located along the Southern seaboard of the state of Florida which was named for Santa Lucia, the patron saint of the blind. Residents of St. Lucie County are drawn the area because of the county’s miles of sandy beaches, tropical climate, and the lush tropical greenery which thrives here thanks to Florida’s humid tropical climate.

The drawbacks of living in Saint Lucie County are few but can be quite a hindrance. The humidity that comes with a tropical climate means that mosquitos and other insects thrive here. The mosquitos can make outdoor living uncomfortable if not impossible.

SWAT Mosquito Systems helps Saint Lucie County residents reclaim their yards or outdoor spaces.

SWAT Mosquito Systems offer Saint Lucie County residents custom designed systems which are uniquely created for each property to ensure a perimeter is created keeping the mosquito population out. SWAT’s mosquito misting systems utilize a pyrethrum or rosemary oil-based mist to keep mosquitos away.

For more information on how SWAT can help Saint Lucie County residents reclaim the outdoors, contact a SWAT expert at 1866-900-SWAT

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