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Formerly the home of the world’s largest strawberry patch located on Flying Cow Ranch, the Village of Wellington is today considered to be the world’s top equestrian destination thanks to the largest and longest running horse show which takes over the village from January to March of each year. Wellington also plays host to as many as twenty-six polo matches including the USPA Piaget Gold Cup.

With a long shoreline of sandy beaches and thanks to Florida’s tropical climate, the Village of Wellington provides residents with a warm comfortable place to live along the Atlantic Coast.

Unfortunately, Florida’s tropical climate also means rainy seasons which leave the air damp and humid making for the perfect breeding ground for as many as seventy-two mosquito species. The heat of Florida’s hot sun and the prevalence of large mosquito populations can keep residents of Wellington trapped inside their homes safe from biting insects and cooled by air conditioner units.

SWAT can help Wellington residents reclaim the outdoors and their outdoor spaces free of pesky biting mosquitos. SWAT’s mosquito misting system stores an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved pyrethrum-based solution in reservoirs and mists the parameter of the outdoor space three or four times each day for roughly forty-five seconds. The result is a severe reduction in the mosquito population even after the first evening of spraying.

For more information on the products and services SWAT offer Wellington residents to help their eclair the outdoors, please contact a SWAT expert at 1-800-900-7928.


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