What Is The Best Location For A Mosquito Misting System?

Are you looking to set up a mosquito misting system, but don’t know where to put the hardware? For an effective layout that won’t disturb your everyday lifestyle, where you place your nozzles (and even the tank) actually matters. Before you start installing things wherever they’ll fit, take a moment to look over this helpful guide put together by your trusty professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando!

The Best Spots For Your Nozzles

It may be tempting to place your nozzles wherever you want, but that’s not the best method if you want real results. Mosquitoes tend to have favorable environments for comfortable living and breeding. They also like buzzing over to high-traffic areas whenever it’s time for a meal. With that in mind, you can have a better idea of how to place your nozzles in smarter areas of your yard.

The General Rule of Thumb

The first thing you should know when setting up your mosquito misting system is that nozzles should be placed no closer than 8-10 feet apart. It’s also a good idea not to place them too far apart or else you’ll end up with spots that aren’t getting any coverage at all. And if you’re going to place your nozzles up high, like attached to a roof’s awning, avoid placing them any higher than 10 feet. Otherwise, the mist can be carried off-property and completely miss the area you’re meaning to treat. It also helps to aim it in a way that directs the mist downward to prevent this from happening.

Targeting Highly-Active Areas

If you were to think like a mosquito, what kind of areas would you like the most? Mosquitoes are fragile creatures, so they have a better chance of surviving in secluded areas where they can still retrieve water. Darker, out-of-the-way spots that can keep them hidden from intense sunlight and high winds are akin to the perfect dream home. With that in mind, you should be installing your nozzles around vegetation that provides shade and moisture. You also can’t go wrong with lining them up along the perimeter and in the corners for an all-encompassing barrier around your property.

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Useful Tips For DIY Installation

Not sure where to keep your refillable tank? Try finding places that are out of sight, like in your shed or in the garage. Back to nozzle placement, the best part about the wiring is that it allows for tremendous flexibility. You can run them along fences or buildings, but using riser attachments lets you stand them up literally anywhere around your yard. And although the possibilities are endless, just pay mind to keep them a decent distance from any walkways. Some solutions are harmless to humans nowadays, but most people would still be wary of being directly exposed to a mosquito-killing mist.

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Skip the Hard Stuff, Call the Professionals!

Does all of this information seem like a lot to take in? Don’t sweat it, just call up your local professionals to set up your mosquito misting system for you! Our team will find the best locations in your yard for installing a customized network that will be programmed to go off automatically during the most active times of the day, remote control included! Call SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando at (954) 437-1815 to get started on a free quote.