4 Tips For Mosquito-Proofing Your Pool

Now that summer is here, everyone is eager to dip their toes into the pool to cool themselves off from the sun. But a fun and refreshing swim can quickly end in a rush to get out of the water and avoid getting bitten by unrelenting mosquitoes. No one wants to cut their good time short which is why the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa will let you in on these useful tips for mosquito-proofing your pool!

1. Keep Up With Surrounding Yard Work

It can come as common knowledge to Floridians that mosquitoes thrive off of stagnant water. They’ll tip over lids and tires in an attempt to eliminate any safe place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, but there’s one area that you might be missing. Mosquitoes like any type of moisture, and that includes the bit of water that can be found on leaves and grass. These spots are also an ideal place for them to hide since they’re often undisturbed by people who are too preoccupied looking in more obvious places. If you have trees or grass close to your pool, mosquitoes can make their way over to the large body of water anytime they want with easy access. By mowing your lawn and spraying your trees regularly, you can help prevent these bugs from making themselves cozy so close to your pool area.

2. Plant Natural Mosquito Repellants

Although it might not be effective enough to act as your main method of mosquito control, planting natural mosquito repellants around your pool could help deter them. Mosquitoes typically can’t stand the smell of strong herbs and select flowers like rosemary, basil, lavender, geranium, and so on. Planting these species also comes with extra benefits like adding some color to your yard or providing you with cooking ingredients!

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3. Maintain Your Pool Area Regularly

As a fan of stagnant water, mosquitoes will be more attracted to unattended pools than most other water sources. Regular pool maintenance is crucial to keeping them out and avoiding finding eggs the next time you dive in on a sunny day. Mosquitoes are less likely to be interested in treated or chlorinated water so checking your pH levels should be on your weekly to-do list. It also helps to stay vigilant in keeping a cover over your pool when you’re not using it and making sure that it’s tightly sealed all around.

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4. Install Mosquito Control Around Your Pool

To keep mosquitoes out of your yard entirely, and thus out of your pool, it’s worth it to invest in a mosquito control product that works. One of the best forms of mosquito control that you can buy is an automated misting system. Installed by qualified professionals, your misting system will spray a natural but effective solution across your yard throughout the day for guaranteed results. These systems are safe to have near the pool to keep mosquitoes from ruining a nice swim to cool off from the summer season!

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