For those who love tending to their garden but hate dealing with biting bugs like mosquitoes and other insects, there are certain plants that you can grow that act as a natural deterrent. But which species are the most effective? The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here with a list of some trees and plants that repel mosquitoes.

1. Citronella

Some plants, like citronella, thrive in warmer climates which makes it an excellent choice for including them in your Florida garden. Citronella is known as a natural bug repellant first and foremost which is why it’s commonly extracted and repurposed for use in mosquito candles and wearable repellants. Lemon balm also contains a lot of citronella, so it works as a great alternative for those who have a preference.

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2. Eucalyptus Trees

On a much larger scale, a fully-grown eucalyptus tree can act as a strong mosquito repellant in so many ways. The bark alone gives off a strong enough scent that many bugs don’t like, but the leaves also contain oils that can be collected and distributed around the home. Eucalyptus trees are also considered pet-friendly since they can fend off fleas and ticks as well as mosquitoes.

3. Lavender

Lavender plants are universally loved for their beauty and other valuable uses. Consuming it or just taking in the aroma, can help calm people in an anxious state or assist with trouble sleeping. A lesser-known quality that lavender has is its ability to deter mosquitoes, flies, and moths. If you leave them in your garden bed, they can also ward off slugs and snails.

4. Catnip

Did you know that catnip is technically a type of mint? Most mint plants are effective in repelling mosquitoes, and catnip is no exception. They are easy to grow and maintain, and your cats are sure to love them!

5. Marigolds

Marigolds are often grown solely for their colorful appearance. Many people who choose to plant them for that reason aren’t even aware of their bug-repelling properties. Other than mosquitoes, marigolds can also fend off certain species of beetles, worms, and flies. You can even pair them with lavender for double the bug repellant while adding an exciting color combination to your yard!

6. Rosemary

Rosemary, along with other strong-smelling herbs like basil, sage, and peppermint, may smell wonderful to us but come off as overly pungent to mosquitoes. Whether you grow them in your yard or have a mini herb garden growing in your kitchen, they’re sure to give mosquitoes a hard time.

7. Chrysanthemums

Another plant that is primarily known for its mosquito-repelling qualities, chrysanthemums are arguably the #1 plant that is effective as a means of bug control. While mosquitoes are the main victim when it comes to the pyrethrins found in chrysanthemum plants, they can also deter spiders, roaches, fleas, ants, beetles, ticks, and more. While it’s nice to have these plants around your yard, you can get the most use out of pyrethrum when it is extracted and distributed through a misting system where it can directly target mosquitoes.

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Get A Natural Misting Solution In Fort Myers and Naples!

It’s always a good idea to get your hands a bit dirty and plant something that you enjoy, but if you’re looking to effectively rid your home of mosquitoes, you’ll have better luck with a mosquito misting solution that evenly distributes natural essences during the most optimal times of the day. For more information on mosquito misting products and to receive a free quote on a custom system, call SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples today at (954) 437-1815!

Florida’s humid climate can have you desperate for any mosquito-repelling trick you can find. But if you’ve already gone through a lot of trial and error with various sprays, ointments, and anything else that’s sold at your local retail store, you might be trying to think outside of the box for solutions that actually work. The experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville are here to show you some handy tricks for keeping mosquitoes away from your house and backyard!

Keep Up With Regular Yard Work

Believe it or not, mosquitoes love unkept yards. That’s because there are so many small and undisturbed places to hide where they can survive long enough to breed. Next thing you know, you’re sharing a home with a newly hatched family of biting bugs that you could have prevented just by cleaning up the lawn and mowing the grass. Yes, even tall grass provides enough of a safe space for mosquitoes to live comfortably.

Set Up Fans Around Your Property

Mosquitoes may be pesky and persistent, but they’re still weak fliers. While a fancy face-down fan mounted right above your front door is a great way to keep them from making it inside, your average fan can also do the trick. Next time you have a barbeque gathering in your backyard, bring your fan outside and have it pointed to where your guests will be sitting! You’ll see that mosquitoes will have a hard time settling down to acquire their essential blood meal.

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Install Screens On Your Doors and Windows

Many window and door screens are effective at keeping any sort of insects outside of your home because the mesh is typically too small for them to squeeze through. As long as you stay proactive in shutting the doors and windows whenever you’re not using them, these screens act as a fantastic barrier.

Grow Plants That Naturally Repel Insects

When cooking with various herbs and spices, you’ve probably noticed that some of them have quite a powerful scent. Many people find the smell of these ingredients delightful or soothing, but any mosquito would strongly disagree with you as they’re not able to handle the intensity of the smells as well as we can. And rather than putting up with it, mosquitoes will simply leave the area to find a new place to invade. For a garden that naturally repels insects, try planting:

  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Sage
  • Citronella
  • Chrysanthemum

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, no need to worry! Mosquito misting systems just so happen to spray solutions that contain some of these natural ingredients such as rosemary and pyrethrum which comes from the chrysanthemum family.

Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding

Another effective way of keeping mosquitoes away from your home is to nip their breeding process in the bud. This can be done by removing all instances of stagnant water which they use to lay their eggs, and then kill off the existing adult mosquitoes. This ensures a permanent end to that particular bloodline, and you’re just left with making sure that no new bugs enter your space. A fast and easy way to eliminate the adult mosquitoes in your yard and to keep any outside bugs at bay is to have a mosquito misting system installed to work around the clock for you! You can let the automated system work on its own, or you can control misting sessions manually with the designated smartphone app and provided remote control.

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Nothing is worse than wanting a more permanent solution to your mosquito problem only to come up short with every type of product that you buy. Thankfully, mosquito misting systems will be the last bug control solution you will ever have to invest in. The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here to show you how long mosquito misting lasts and why it’s the better option over do-it-yourself sprays.

After the Initial Installation

Many people feel pressured into buying store-bought bug sprays because they need a fast solution to their backyard pests. What they may not know about permanent misting systems is that they can work just as quickly. After the first spray, you may already notice fewer mosquitoes in your yard. In any case, you’re guaranteed to see a larger difference after just one or two weeks. The trick to achieving these results is regular frequency with the help of an automated system.

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Consistent Spraying With Automated Systems

One of the main reasons why mosquito misting works is because many of them can be programmed to go off automatically at certain times of the day. Consistency with spraying is key, and automated misting systems guarantee a regular schedule without you needing to be on top of it yourself. SWAT mosquito systems can be remotely controlled and monitored, at your convenience, by using our mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

After choosing to have a mosquito control system, our engineers will design a customized plan of action to fit your property. An effective misting system will activate around 2-3 times a day, typically around daybreak and late evening when mosquitoes are the most active. As for how long the system itself will last, that’s entirely up to you!

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Low Maintenance, Lasting Results

Before investing in a mosquito misting system, some people ask how long they’ll be seeing the effects. The answer lies in how long you’re willing to keep your system. With such a low-maintenance product, your main cost after installation will be for tank refills. A full tank can last either a couple of months or a few depending on the size of your customized system. So as long as you’re willing to get it refilled, your misting system will continue to garner results.

Better Than Your Store-Bought Products

For a quick comparison regarding duration and effectiveness, store-bought products only have a chance of giving you the results you want and for a shorter time frame thus having you pay for more frequent replacements. Mosquito misting systems bring consistent and noticeable results with a single full tank possibly lasting you months before needing a refill. And while store-bought products could have you getting your hands dirty, an automated misting system will do everything for you! You can easily go about your regular day without needing to think about your mosquito problem. When you consider all of the facts, mosquito misting is clearly the more viable option.

Where to Get Effective Misting Systems In Florida

The best way to guarantee positive results in your backyard is to get your mosquito misting system from SWAT Mosquito System Fort Myers and Naples. We take the time to carefully evaluate your home and design a custom system for the most optimal solution. Call (954) 437-1815 today to get started on a free estimate!

Mosquito misting involves a rather simple system consisting of a tank, pumps, and nozzles. Because of the straightforward layout, they’re easy to maintain and repair as needed. While these systems work well on their own, there are ways to properly care for them to help them last longer and more efficiently. Today, the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach are here to inform you of useful tips for maintaining a mosquito misting system!

1. Have A Professional Check It Regularly

One of the best ways to proactively look out for your mosquito misting system is to have it regularly inspected and cleaned by professionals roughly every few months. They’ll be able to find any issues with the system and make the necessary repairs to ensure smooth sailing. Cleaning your system is especially important since going one to two years without cleaning can clog up the parts which lead to breaking or brittle pieces.

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2. Keep An Eye on The Tank Status

Confirming the status of your tank is essential since leakage can cause you to lose out on your precious solution without you even knowing and cost you a refill sooner than later. Thankfully, an app-operated system will notify you if it senses a leak. A high-tech system is even capable of providing your mosquito control company the means to monitor your tank remotely so that they can respond with urgency.

3. Make Sure the Controller Works

Even if you have an automated system and hardly use your controller, testing out your controller every now and then is one way to tell if your system is working in general. Whether you use a traditional remote or a compatible smartphone app, try a command to see if your misting system will respond. If your system doesn’t seem to be receiving the signals, there could be a problem with either your controller or the system in general.

4. Know Your Misting System

Understanding your system, such as knowing where your lines and nozzles are, can help you do your own little inspections if you feel like something is off. Some problems can be seen at surface-level visibility which can help you relay important details to qualifying professionals. If you still notice that something isn’t working right but you can’t see anything at first glance, you can always contact your local mosquito experts.

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Your Mosquito Experts in West Palm Beach!

Whether you need a new mosquito misting system installed or you’re seeking maintenance or repairs for your existing one, contact the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach! Our automated misting systems are compatible with a smartphone app that lets you control and monitor aspects of your system right in the palm of your hand. If you run into any problems, we’ll gladly come by and check it out!

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