4 Tips For Preparing For Florida’s Mosquito Season In 2023

Everyone knows that mosquito season is just around the corner, but what can you do to prepare? It almost seems like no matter what you do, you’re doomed to be heckled by these pesky biting insects the moment they arrive, but there are a few things you can do to help prevent bites. Today, the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville are here to show you how to prepare for this coming mosquito season so you can continue to enjoy your time outdoors.

The Goal of Mosquito Season Preparation

Other than the fear of being uncomfortably itchy after getting bitten, there’s a much larger threat to consider. Mosquito prevention is extremely important to your health because of the risk of contracting terrible mosquito-borne diseases and illnesses that could greatly affect your well-being. By taking the necessary steps in preparing for the upcoming mosquito season, you can decrease your chances of contracting:

  • The Zika Virus
  • The West Nile Virus
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • And more

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1. Remove All Stagnant Water Sources

Some people underestimate the effectiveness of removing standing water sources, but it’s a mosquito’s main method for breeding and reproducing. One inch of water is all they need to lay their eggs so they can hatch in time for mosquito season. Even so much as a bottle cap can supply enough water for them to thrive, and that’s especially bad news for places like Florida where rainfall is frequent. Every so often, take a moment to shake or turn over anything in your yard where water can pool up like lids, tarps, kiddie pools, tires, and so on. Spraying your trees and shrubs with the garden hose can also help since leaves can hold water.

2. Grow Plants That Mosquitoes Hate

One way to deter mosquitoes while growing a beautiful garden is to plant flowers and herbs that mosquitoes can’t exist around comfortably. Some plants like rosemary, lavender, basil, and marigolds give off a scent that is too strong for certain insects which prevents them from sticking around for too long. If you get started on planting now, they can grow large enough in time for spring!

3. Keep Up With Your Yard Work

Mosquitoes are very resilient and will use any space they can to grow their eggs. This includes your grass! Many insects are capable of using tall grass to hide and survive, but the simple act of mowing your lawn can turn an otherwise likable home into a dangerous battleground. And by keeping your yard nice and clean, there will be less mess for bugs to take refuge in.

4. Install A Mosquito Misting System

Perhaps the most efficient way to prepare for mosquito season which requires minimal effort is to have a mosquito misting system installed. With today’s technology, these misting systems can be programmed to go off automatically during optimal times of the day as a way to upkeep mosquito control without you having to put in any work yourself. Some solutions include natural ingredients from the same plants mentioned earlier so you don’t actually have to plant them in your yard if you don’t want to. The mist stays strong in moist environments and it’s lightweight so it lingers in the air where it can directly target flying mosquitoes.

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Expert Mosquito Misting Installation In Jacksonville

Mosquito misting systems work around the clock to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. After getting it installed, you’ll be all set for the next mosquito season! For expert installation, call the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville today at (954) 437-1815 for a free quote.