5 of the Most Common Outdoor Bugs in FL


Most Common Outdoor Bugs In FL and how to get rid of them 

If you live in Florida you know how common bugs and animals are to the area. Living near the everglades has its perks of warm weather year-round but the insect and creatures that come with the territory. So if you were wondering what are the most common outdoor bugs in the area are, we have you covered. This information is helpful not only just for your knowledge but also good to get rid of these pests. So here are the top 5 insects in the area…

Palmetto Bugs

Well, these are basically large cockroaches native to the area. They can grow up to about 2 inches and they fly.  Palmetto bugs are most often found outside and eat leaves and waste, therefore one of the more common outdoor bugs. Occasionally they will sneak into your home, your best bet on ridding of these pests is to spray the cracks and crevices of your house with broad-spectrum insecticide. Also plugging all open drains because they tend to come in through the water pipes.

No See-ums

No see-ums are actually biting midges, they were given the nickname due to how small they are. 47 different species of no see-ums live in Florida, therefore they are definitely an announce you will find in your yard. They also bite and leave small red welts on the skin so it is a good idea to try and rid of them. There are numerous options for temporary fixes like insecticides for your outdoor bug problem, but if you’re looking for a more long-term fix try a mosquito misting system. This will ensure that your yard is pest free and no one will leave your backyard events and gatherings with big bites.

White Fly

Whiteflies are winged insects or mealybugs that attack plants, most commonly known for individuals with hedges and vegetation. Whitefliesoutdoor bugs are usually found on the underside of leaves in clusters. The best way to start getting rid of whiteflies is to spray the plants with a hose and disperse them. Then you can spray the plants with insecticide, make sure to get it on the underside of leaves as well.

Fire Ants

Fire Ants were originally found in South America but now can be found in dirt mounds in yards all around Florida. Fire Ants give a painful sting that leaves red marks on the skin. Most people use a two-step process: baiting the ants and then drenching the mound. First, your bait and kill the queen and some of her workers then spray insecticide in target spots of the mound. 


Due to Florida being a swampland there’s a lot of open water which provides a great home for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Florida has numerous different types of mosquitoes, some native and others invasive species. A good tip on making sure mosquitos aren’t near your home is making sure all puddles are taken care of and ponds are cleared out. Although there is another option to deal with pesky mosquitos which is a long-term fix, Swat Mosquito Systems.

So how do I get rid of these backyard pests? 

Well, we would say try a Swat mosquito system. Professionals come to install the system, answer any questions you may have, and help you maintain it. So call SWAT today to get your estimate on a system for the yard so it can be pest-free.