5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Backyard Grill

Now that the holiday season is over, many Floridians are excited to get back to firing up the grill. But of course, everyone living in the sunshine state knows that mosquitoes are a natural enemy to backyard cookouts. No need to worry because SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa is here with useful tips for keeping mosquitoes away from your backyard grill!

1. Plan Around Mosquito Time

Mosquitoes tend to come out around dusk, but also by dawn when the sun begins to set. Why is that? Mosquitoes are actually quite sensitive to direct sunlight as the heat can be too much for them to handle. They thrive around water because they rely heavily on moisture, and sun exposure can cause them to dehydrate. That’s why one of the easiest ways to avoid mosquito swarms is to plan your backyard event earlier in the day while the pesky bugs are lying in wait for the best time of the day to make their move.

2. Set Up Fans Around the Grill

Although mosquitoes can be very persistent when attacking you for sustenance, their physical makeup only allows them to handle so much elemental backlash. Their bodies are incapable of flying against harsh winds no matter how hard they try, so setting up fans around your grill is a very effective way to keep them at bay. You can think of it as an invisible shield that can also keep you cool!

3. Keep Your Trash Cans Covered

If you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, you likely have trash cans nearby for your guests to easily dispose of their plates, cups, and so on. Everyone knows that flying bugs are attracted to the smell of trash, and mosquitoes are no exception. A simple way to combat this is to regularly check to make sure that the lids are properly secured so bugs won’t be tempted to stick around.

4. Remove Any Standing Water

As mentioned earlier, mosquitoes thrive off of standing water. Before starting your get-together, take a moment to thoroughly check your yard for any puddles of water that might be present, no matter how small. It only takes an inch of water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and regain their energy, so ridding your yard of that luxury will have them seeking other areas for water sources.

5. Invest In a Mosquito Misting System

These are all great tips, but for a more consistent solution that’s been proven to be effective, mosquito misting systems are the way to go. They’re discrete so they won’t be much of a distraction to your guests, the solution is made of natural ingredients so it’s safer for human exposure, and the fine mist lingers in the air where it can directly target active mosquitoes.

The Best Mosquito Misting System in Tampa!

For a fun barbecue with fewer disturbances around the backyard grill, call the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa so we can install an effective misting solution that targets the most active areas in your yard. Your guests will have a fun time absorbed in their own discussions without them turning into a complaint about mosquito-related interruptions. Safeguard your yard today by calling (954) 437-1815 for a free quote!