Aedes Mosquito Awareness: What You Need to Know


Aedes mosquitoes are a very aggressive species. They are known for ruining perfectly good afternoons, picnics, and any other day activity, as they tend to attack during those hours. Aedes mosquitos are also known for being very active indoors, biting people inside their homes.

The Danger of Disease Transmission

Unlike other flying pests, Aedes is capable of biting multiple times. This fact is important to note because for a mosquito to transmit a deadly disease (like Zika), it must first bite an infected person and then bite someone else. Being able to bite multiple people makes this type of mosquito very dangerous indeed.  When you encounter an invasive species like the Aedes mosquitoes, you should come up with a way to eliminate them. Mosquito control systems will be effective and efficient while still being safe for people to be around it.

mosquito misting systemStop Them from Spreading

There are different things you can do to prevent mosquitoes from taking up permanent residence around your yard and making your life impossible. Go around your property, inspect every nook and cranny, and eliminate any standing water you encounter. If you find standing water that cannot be removed, you can treat it, making sure no mosquitoes will use it to lay their eggs. 

Another thing you can do to standing water, depending on the amount, is to put a thin coating of natural oil on top (such as olive oil or vegetable oil). You will only need a teaspoon of oil per gallon of water. The oil makes a surface that the mosquito cannot breach, and when it hatches from the eggs and tries to come out of the water, it is trapped and drowns instead.

If you have no standing water anywhere in your property, you have won half the battle. Sadly, you cannot control what your neighbor does. Hence you need a system in place.

An Effective Mosquito Misting System

You may have prevented mosquitoes from making a colony in your backyard. However, they may still come over from your next-door neighbor. One simple and effective way to avoid this is to install a mosquito misting system that will kill any flying pest that wanders into your yard. You can set a mosquito misting system on a timer, making sure that every few hours your yard will be protected, allowing you to step outside and enjoy the beautiful weather South Florida has to offer.

mosquito preventionSWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Effectively Target Mosquitoes 

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