Avoiding Mosquito Bites at Your Fourth of July Event


Nothing can be more annoying at a Fourth of July cookout than unwanted guests in the form of biting insects. Your Fourth of July pool party doesn’t have to turn into an annual bug fest. There are ways to avoid mosquito bites at your upcoming event. Today, let’s consider how you can begin the fight against those no-see-ums and other biting insects lurking in your yard.

Avoid Standing Water

avoid mosquito bitesThe fight against no-see-ums and other biting insects starts in your own backyard. Standing water is the breeding ground for these biting insects. Be sure to empty any sources of standing water, such as old flowerpots, at least once a week. This will help avoid mosquito bites. Another idea on how to reduce the number of biting insects that inhabit your backyard involves keeping the grass and shrubbery as low as possible. Less greenery means less area for those nasty insects to breed and hide. The use of an outdoor fan or fans will also create a breeze in the area, which will also deter biting insects from hanging out in the area.  

How Do I Avoid Mosquito Bites?

What comes next in avoiding mosquitos and other biting insects? A popular choice for many people is a simple mosquito repellent. The EPA has approved many options and there are numerous products available to choose from. These include those specifically designed for repelling insects, to skin care products that have the same effect. Due to fears related to Zika and the West Nile virus, these products are all very popular today. 

Some people do not like the idea of applying insect repellents directly on their skin. To reduce and protect against insect bites, some people consider spraying the area to be used for their Fourth of July event with bug repellent. Spraying the area before it’s party time will reduce the presence of insects and reduce the risk of being bitten. There are many products on the market that claim they can accomplish this task, from sprays that come in cans and bottles to stronger fogger type products. Some of these products promise protection from no-see-ums and other biting insects for up to 30 days.

how do I avoid mosquito bitesTrusting a Mosquito Misting System

Another option to consider is what’s known as a mosquito misting system. These systems are set up in strategic areas throughout your yard and put out a mist of insecticide intended to kill no-see-ums and other bugs, including flies and spiders. A homeowner who plans a last-minute outdoor gathering can turn on the system prior to the event from inside the home, avoiding going out among the pests to activate the system. Health agency experts are advocates of mosquito misting as the best way of controlling mosquito populations. Pest control professionals and customers alike agree that these systems provide excellent protection from mosquitoes and other insects.

How to Avoid Bites from Mosquitoes

If you’re wondering how to avoid bites from mosquitoes and other insects, consider installing a mosquito control system of your own. SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ has a staff of certified professionals who can help you from start to finish with the planning and installation of your own mosquito misting service. We also specialize in systems for business owners looking to rid their restaurant patio, beachfront, or boardwalk café of annoying mosquitoes. Don’t forget to ask about our mosquito control guarantee. Give SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ a call today at 1-866-900-SWAT.