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how do I avoid mosquito bites

Rainy Season Means More Mosquitoes

  Summer is a great time to gather around family and friends for outdoor fun, but nothing puts a damper on that fun more than… ...
avoiding mosquito bites

Avoiding Mosquito Bites at Your Fourth of July Event

  Nothing can be more annoying at a Fourth of July cookout than unwanted guests in the form of biting insects. Your Fourth of July… ...
summer mosquitoes

Tips for South Florida on Fighting Back Against Summer Mosquitoes

  Mosquitos are just an all-around nuisance. Not only do they cause millions of deaths every year, but they can quickly ruin an otherwise fun… ...
How Effective are Mosquito Misting Systems

How Effective are Mosquito Systems and Do They Work on Mosquitoes?

  Warmer weather means more time to enjoy outdoor activities around the home, such as cookouts and pool parties. Pool parties are usually great fun,… ...
best plants for your yard

The Best Plants to Have for Your South Florida Yard

  One of the best things about living in South Florida is the ability to spend time outdoors all year round. Spending time outdoors, however,… ...
spring backyard activities

Amazing Backyard Activities to Try This Spring

Ahhhh – the springtime. Of course, some people say that South Florida doesn’t have any seasons, but we know that’s not true. When spring comes,… ...
beach mosquitoes

Think Living by the Beach Keeps Biting Insects Away? Think Again!

  You may have noticed that our favorite flying and biting insects are already back. Not that mosquitoes ever totally disappear, but the official mosquito… ...
protect toddlers from biting insects

The Best Ways to Protect Toddlers from Biting Insects

  Living in Florida is great, especially for kids. With seemingly endless summers, they never have to worry about being stuck indoors. Unfortunately, Florida living… ...
types of diseases caused by mosquitoes

What Types of Diseases are Spread by Mosquito Bites?

  In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s the start of mosquito season. This is a reminder that their bites can be dangerous and transmit diseases.… ...
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