What Causes Mosquito Bites to Itch?


When a mosquito bites you, it does so by piercing the skin and draws blood with a needle-like mouth, also called proboscis. To prevent your blood from clotting, the mosquito injects you with an anticoagulant. The anticoagulant is in the mosquito’s saliva. Only female mosquitoes bite, and they do so to acquire the necessary nutrients for them to produce and lay eggs.

How Your Body Reacts

But why do mosquito bites itch? A healthy body responds by recognizing this foreign substance (the anticoagulant) as an attack. As part of the body’s defense, it releases histamine. That release of histamine is what makes you itch. The itching is an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. Your body will then enlarge the blood vessels in the surrounding area, which results in the typical mosquito bump.  

why do mosquito bites itchThe more your body gets attacked by mosquitoes, the more your body will get used to this foreign substance resulting in a lesser reaction. If you have ever traveled to a new country and noticed that mosquito bites are itchier, this is because you are encountering a species of mosquitoes you are not accustomed to. Therefore, the body reacts strongly.  Also, keep in mind that not everyone builds a tolerance over time.

When you scratch a mosquito bite, the skin becomes even more inflamed, and since inflammation causes your skin to itch, you get stuck in a cycle where scratching will cause more itching. Plus, by continuing to scratch, you put yourself at risk of breaking the skin and causing an infection, which leads to even more of an itch. 

How Do You Avoid the Annoying Itch?

If the itching is caused by histamine, try using an antihistamine or regular anti-allergy medication. Calamine lotion tends to give good results. Applying cold to the affected area also works well because it helps with the swelling. Some people swear by honey, oatmeal, or aloe vera. While there are no real mosquito bites cures, the application of these soothing elements might help with the itch. 

mosquito bites cureWhen it Comes to Mosquitoes, the Best Defense is a Relentless Attack

Why deal with the itching when you can avoid getting bitten altogether?  Protect your home with a mosquito misting system. Present a relentless attack to the flying pests by having a system that routinely sprays an efficient pesticide. Use one that does not harm humans, and that can be triggered at any time for extra protection. Pest control specialists recommend mosquito misting systems to protect from mosquitoes and other insects. 

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