What Temperature Kills Mosquitoes?


We often think that when the weather cools down, mosquitoes cease to be a problem. In some parts of the country where everything freezes over, this might be true. Unfortunately for those of us in Florida, it is mosquito season almost all year round. Florida simply does not see temperatures low enough to kill mosquitoes, which means that having an effective mosquito removal solution is vital.

At Least Below 50 Degrees

Does cold weather affect mosquitoes? The temperature needed to kill mosquitoes is at least below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In Florida, our usual over 80-degree weather does not even come close to that. Although there are cases where the temperature drops below that, it usually will not last long enough to make a dent in the mosquito population. 

does cold weather affect mosquitoesWith the cold, mosquitoes will slow down. They are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they cannot regulate their internal temperature, so the cold does affect them. Whatever the temperature is outside is the temperature a mosquito will be. So if it is below 50-degree temperatures, most mosquitoes will eventually hibernate, migrate, or die. There are, however, some species of mosquitoes that have fully adapted to living in cooler climates. Some are found even in artic locations, like Alaska, withstanding both ice and snow. So, while it’s safe to say that most mosquitoes in cold weather aren’t an issue, we cannot rely on that in Florida. 

Their Offspring Will Live On

One would think that once the temperature hits 45 degrees or so we would be in the clear. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Tropical mosquitoes may die at that temperature, but their eggs do just fine in 50-degree weather, or even much lower. They’re perfectly capable of waiting until the temperature is ideal for them to hatch and present you with a whole new batch of mosquitoes.

mosquito misting systems FloridaWhat Can You Do?

If you cannot rely on the weather to kill the mosquitoes on your property, you have to take matters into your own hands. There are many methods out there for mosquito removal. Some people recommend planting lemon balm in your yard, others recommend fogging the yard every day or having those special bug zappers. All of these do their part, but the only sure way to get rid of mosquitoes is with a mosquito misting system. Not only will this system eliminate them, it will also ensure that they do not come back by constantly releasing an effective mist, so long as you continue to use the system.




Swat Mosquito Systems Is the Best Choice

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