Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work Better Than Mosquito Zappers?

If bugs are a big enough problem in your yard, you’ve probably tried buying out everything that your local retail store has to offer with nothing to show for it. What else can you turn to when times are desperate? Many Floridians end up getting a mosquito misting system installed or putting up a bug zapper without knowing what each option actually does. To avoid purchasing yet another bunk item and wasting even more money, let SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Jacksonville teach you why mosquito misting systems work better than mosquito zappers.

The Truth About Bug Zappers

Bug zappers may seem like a simple and easy way to get rid of the bugs in your yard, and that’s technically correct. However, the kinds of bugs that they kill are questionable. Zappers use a certain light to lure bugs into their field of range and kill them off with a high enough voltage, but what many people don’t realize is that mosquitos and other biting bugs aren’t interested in these lights. The only types of bugs that are attracted to the allure of zappers are bugs that actually help the ecosystem by pollinating plants and killing off pesky bugs like mosquitos. Such bugs that are essential to our environment include moths and beetles. Many experts wonder why zappers still exist as they do the complete opposite of what we try to accomplish with any bug-control solution.

Why Mosquito Misting Systems Are Better

With all the downsides to bug zappers, it comes as no surprise that misting systems work so much better and garner true results. More and more people are making the switch over to mosquito misting after finding out that their bug zappers aren’t actually helping them solve their backyard troubles and have finally achieved the relief that they’ve been yearning for.

They’re More Effective

How are misting systems more effective? The solution that is used is designed to attract and kill female mosquitos to prevent further reproduction. Additionally, misting solutions target a wide range of pesky biting insects on top of mosquitos. The nozzles that produce the mist are expertly placed in the most troublesome areas of your yard for more immediate results.

They’re Safe for the Environment

While bug zappers are harming the ecosystem by killing the wrong bugs, mosquito misting targets insects that we actually want to eliminate and it accomplishes this through safe means. Most pesticides are made up of chemicals that are hazardous to all forms of life, including humans. However, misting solutions are made up of natural ingredients that are only toxic to biting insects.

The Best Mosquito Misting Company in Jacksonville

Where can you get a mosquito misting system installed in Jacksonville, Florida? SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Jacksonville carries effective mosquito misting solutions for any type of yard. Residential homes and commercial establishments alike can be free of the worst kind of insects that can make an outdoor area nearly unusable. Call us at (954) 437-1815 for a free quote and to get started on building the ultimate mosquito defense!