Do Mosquito Systems Use Natural Ingredients?

If your yard is precious to you, you probably want to use it any chance you get. In Florida, that can be rather difficult with the abundance of mosquitoes roaming about, especially when many store-bought mosquito control products require you to steer clear of your yard anyway. What if we told you that you can enjoy your yard and be free of mosquitoes? SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville is thrilled to introduce you to mosquito misting systems that utilize natural ingredients.

What Is A Chrysanthemum, And Why Do We Need Its Pyrethrin?

There are many natural ingredients that can deter or kill mosquitoes, many of which are derived from plants like peppermint, rosemary, basil, lavender, marigolds, and so on. However, there’s one plant that stands out among the rest. Chrysanthemum flowers are primarily known for their ability to outright kill mosquitoes as well as many other pesky bugs. The pyrethrin that is extracted from certain chrysanthemum plants is the number one natural ingredient that is used in mosquito misting products, and it’s been proven to be incredibly effective. The smell alone is already enough to fend off mosquitoes with its strong scent which is usually paired with other plants like rosemary for an even stronger smell, but pyrethrum is also poisonous to mosquitoes. This is why natural mosquito misting is deadly to mosquitoes but harmless to humans and pets.

The Origins Of The Chrysanthemum Flower

Pyrethrum, a subspecies of the chrysanthemum flower, is what produces pyrethrin which we use as a natural insecticide. Chrysanthemum flowers originated in China, but the pyrethrum variant comes from Dalmatia which is why it’s also nicknamed the Dalmatian pyrethrum or Dalmatian daisy. After much trial and error from many scientists since the late 1800s, pyrethrum has gradually made its way into the commercial market as a reliable source of mosquito control.

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The Perks Of Using A Natural Mosquito Repellant

By opting for a botanical and biodegradable mosquito control solution like natural misting products, you can use your yard as you normally would without fear of harming yourself even while the system is active. Most other types of mosquito control come with risks, like the toxic chemicals in store-bought sprays or the electrical hazards that come with powered devices. There are also many other benefits to using natural mosquito misting:

  • Natural misting products are better for the environment than toxic man-made chemicals.
  • Children and pets are also able to be near the misting systems while they’re active.
  • The products in misting solutions only reek for mosquitoes. For humans, they don’t smell as bad as store-bought sprays.
  • Natural mosquito misting products last much longer than other types of mosquito sprays.
  • Since misting products are made up of plant-based ingredients, it’s safe to have them around your garden.

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