What Are Mosquito Misting Systems, and Are They Safe for Children?

It’s no surprise that Florida homes come with their fair share of mosquitos and other pesky insects. If you’re facing such an issue, you may hesitate to let your kids run loose in the yard. Children shouldn’t have to live sheltered lives due to bugs, but you don’t want them getting bitten either. Mosquito misting systems might be the answer to your problems. SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Tampa will show you how these misting systems are safe for children while effectively warding off troublesome insects.

How Children React to Mosquitos

The ability to roam and play outside is beneficial to any child’s growth. However, this healthy lifestyle can easily be ruined by biting insects. Since children’s bodies are still growing, they may be unfamiliar with bug bites and exhibit terrible skin reactions as a result. Some incidents can even evolve to the point of requiring an emergency doctor’s visit. So what is the safest way to protect your kids from getting bitten?

Zika Virus Warning

Florida and Texas have been the two most popular states known to have Zika virus cases. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Zika virus is transmitted through mosquito bites and can bring forth many unfortunate symptoms. Victims may experience rashes, fevers, joint pains, and even paralysis. And while these symptoms are already enough to be feared, there is also no known treatment or cure. As you can imagine, the Zika virus can be a bit much for children to endure. Thankfully, we have an answer to preventing mosquito bites.

Introducing A Low-Maintenance Bug Repellant

Many of the usual go-to pesticides are riddled with hazardous chemicals that are too toxic for children to exist around. Breathing in such a harmful solution could bring forth a reaction that’s much worse than a bug bite. Rather than replacing an existing threat with another one, mosquito misting systems can work automatically around the clock to provide protection against all sorts of bugs no matter the time of day. That way, you can enjoy watching your kids play outside without needing to micromanage their safety.

Kids Can Play Outside Worry-Free

Mosquito misting systems utilize an all-natural solution that is much safer for children to be around so you don’t need to hide them inside while it’s active. In fact, both humans and pets can roam free in the yard as the mister works its magic. While some products claim to be all-natural while sacrificing effectiveness, high-quality solutions made of pyrethrum and rosemary have been proven to take care of all kinds of bugs, including mosquitos, no-see-ums, ticks, wasps, spiders, and more. Finally, children can play outside to their heart’s content without experiencing the drawbacks of Florida’s bugs!

Keep Your Children Safe by Calling SWAT!

The experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Tampa are skilled in properly evaluating homes and installing misting systems to be effective yet hidden from view. Adults and children alike won’t even notice it’s there! Watching kids run and play in a carefree environment is one of life’s joys, and we’re honored to provide you with such an amazing experience. Call us today at (954) 437-1815 for a free estimate!