Do Mosquitoes Go Away In The Fall In Florida?

It’s basically common knowledge that mosquitoes are abundant during the warm summer months, but what about in the fall? Today, the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando will teach you whether or not mosquitoes go away in the fall in Florida, and what you can do to effectively get rid of mosquitoes any time of the year.

The Hard Truth About Mosquitoes In Florida

As a homeowner in Florida, you probably don’t want to hear that mosquitoes are going to be an issue all year round. However, that’s the truth and we have no choice but to do what we can to mitigate the problem. Mosquitoes don’t mind the weather as long as it’s around 50 degrees or above, and Florida tends to stay warm enough all the way until the dead of winter. We unfortunately have to deal with long mosquito seasons that can last until the end of November, and that’s when we have to be the most diligent in getting rid of them before they can breed and hibernate.

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A Crash Course On The Mosquito Breeding Cycle

Female mosquitoes will continue to breed as long as it’s warm enough to do so, and they’ll purposely kick things into gear right before it becomes too cold to lay eggs. After they dump off their final batch of eggs as a last resort, these adult mosquitoes will go into hibernation. Mosquito eggs are capable of halting their development stage during the winter and waiting until the weather becomes warm enough to hatch. As you can imagine, it’s important to deal with mosquitoes before this happens to prevent pesky swarms in the spring.

How To Deal With Mosquitoes In The Fall

Fall is the time to actively take preventative measures in killing mosquitoes before they hibernate and become a bigger problem later. If you want to target them head-on, you’ll need to know where mosquitoes like to take refuge during fall weather:

  • Tall blades of grass
  • Lush shrubbery
  • Standing water
  • Holes and cracks in trees
  • Underneath rocks
  • Inside of weeds

Invest In A Misting System

Considering what we know about mosquitoes, you’ll need to kill adult females, eggs, and larvae if you want to avoid whole swarms of mosquitoes by the time it gets warm again. Misting systems act as an all-in-one method of mosquito control that is capable of eliminating mosquitoes in every stage of life as one of the best preventative measures money can buy. Hiring a mosquito expert to install your misting system is the best way to go since they’ll be able to carefully inspect your yard and find the best spots to place the nozzles. They’ll also be able to program your misting system to activate automatically throughout the day so that you don’t have to give it a second thought!

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