Do You Get Wet From A Mosquito Misting System?

People considering getting a misting system installed throughout their yards may be concerned about getting drenched in the solution when the nozzles begin to spray while they’re out enjoying the weather. However, there’s a big difference between mosquito misting and the other liquid pesticides that you’re used to when it comes to the composition of the solution itself. The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach are here to tell you why you won’t get wet from a mosquito misting system.

Light Misting Compounds Compared to Liquid Bug Sprays

All insect control solutions may sound the same at first, and so those who have dealt with the messiness of bug sprays might assume that they’ll receive a similar experience with misting. The “wetness” of the product is determined by the size of the droplets being produced. In that aspect, store-bought sprays and misting solutions are incredibly different.

Larger Droplet Sizes In Other Bug Sprays

Many do-it-yourself bug sprays that come from the retail store produce large droplets or a steady stream of fluid that is clearly visible when it drops to the floor. If you’ve ever gotten some of the liquid on your hands as you’re distributing it, you’ve probably rushed over to wash your hands after feeling wet and sticky. It can be worrisome to see visible spots on the floor or on your clothes when you know that the solution can be hazardous.

The Fine Misting Experience

The beauty of misting systems is that it involves a high-pressure motor that releases a gentle and very fine mist that can barely be felt. Unlike other solutions, you won’t see the mist on your clothes, and it won’t even touch the ground. The mist is so lightweight that it gets carried through the air, and you will most likely not even notice it touching your skin. Misting solutions aren’t hazardous to humans or pets anyway so there’s no need to worry in that regard, either. The only way you could completely dowse yourself in a misting solution is if you took a dip in the tank itself! Of course, we highly advise against doing so.

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But Can Misting Systems Get Wet?

So, you can’t get wet from misting systems, but you might be wondering if the misting system itself can get wet in a strange turn of events. Luckily, the wet-proof trait goes both ways. Even during rainy spells, the mist that’s produced is completely unaffected by the moisture in the atmosphere. It will continue to work at peak efficiency just like any other normal day. With an automated system, you can kick back and relax inside staying dry on a rainy day while your misting system does all the work for you!

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Professional Mosquito Misting Installation In West Palm Beach

The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach can equip your property with an automated mosquito misting system that produces a fine mist that’s effective against mosquitoes, even in the rain! After your installation, we’ll even provide you with a handy remote control. Call (954) 437-1815 to ask for a free estimate on your customized misting system!