Fool Proof Methods for Florida Mosquito Prevention


Pesky mosquitos are about the only thing that hinders people from enjoying the beautiful outdoors in The Sunshine State. All it takes is a few of these tiny insects to ruin a party, but thankfully outdoor mosquito control isn’t too difficult once you set your mind to it. There are a few easy steps that will help you reclaim your backyard from mosquitos and other biting insects. Follow these three Florida mosquito prevention suggestions from the premiere provider of mosquito control product, and the days of running inside and shutting the windows at dusk will be long gone!

Eliminating Standing Water: The Best Strategy for Outdoor Mosquito Control

Before stocking up on bug spray and long sleeve t-shirts, the first thing any home-owner should do to eliminate mosquitos is to remove any standing water from their property.

Like many insects, mosquitos go through a life cycle and three of the four stages in this cycle require standing water. In short, if you rid your property of standing water you will also eliminate mosquito incubators, delivery rooms, and nurseries.  From landscaped ponds to small puddles on lawn chairs, mosquitos will use whatever water they can to reproduce. For that reason, the best outdoor mosquito control comes in the form of prevention.

Keep a Tidy Lawn and Kiss your Mosquito Visitors Goodbye

Next to eliminating standing water, keeping the vegetation on your lawn under control is the next best method for Florida mosquito prevention. Like many other insects, mosquitos are pollinators and require plant nectar to survive. Additionally, during those hot summer days, mosquitos prefer to nest and rest in cool damp underbrush. By keeping a well-manicured lawn and trimming any unnecessary bushes and shrubs you will make your yard less attractive to these tiny invaders.

Trust SWAT’s Premiere Mosquito Control Product as Your End All Solution

Eliminating standing water and unnecessary overgrowth sometimes isn’t enough and, even when it is, it can be a major hassle to keep up with. To truly eliminate your backyard insect problem, explore SWAT’s mosquito control product inventory to find the perfect solution for your specific needs.  We offer a variety of unobtrusive misting systems and products that are easy to use and manipulate for your situation. In addition to being highly effective, our systems only require a one-time set-up and are absent of large and loud machinery – making SWAT the premiere providers of mosquito prevention technology.

The benefits of living in the state of Florida far outweigh the setbacks, yet when you are trying to enjoy a lemonade on your back porch in a cloud of mosquitos it may not seem that way. Stop playing victim to these annoying insects and take matters into your own hands. By eliminating standing water from your property, maintaining the vegetation and overgrowth on your lawn, and investing in SWAT’s patented mosquito prevention technology you will no longer feel the urge to run inside once the sun begins to set!