Four Signs It’s Time for a Mosquito Misting System



Living in Florida, where it’s always mosquito season, we’ve all taken measures to prevent mosquitoes from becoming a nuisance in our homes. Whether it’s do-it-yourself mosquito traps, homemade mosquito repellant, natural plants, or candles, foggers, and sprays, many of the methods we use just aren’t super effective all the time or require a lot of manual effort. So, when is it time to invest in a long-term solution such as a home mosquito misting system? Here are three signs that you should consider a professional mosquito prevention method. 

When the News Announces Yet Another Mosquito Disease

best mosquito misting systemWhenever you hear the news talk about a new deadly disease that could affect your area and that is carried by mosquitoes, you know it is a sure sign you need a mosquito misting system installed to protect your family.

In the last decade, we have been constantly bombarded by news articles about how Zika can destroy lives and even affect unborn children; we have heard of encephalitis with dozens of different names. Diseases that were once obscure and had rarely been heard in Florida have become commonplace such as Dengue or Chikungunya, not to mention Nile Fever, yellow fever, and just about every other type of fever you can think of. And what do all these scary diseases have in common? You guessed it; mosquitos can infect you with every single one of them.

When You are Tired of Getting Bitten

If you are tired of getting bitten every time you go out of the house and into the yard, you have a clear sign that it is time to act. Even if diseases were not on the top of your list of reasons to get a carefree mosquito misting system, the level of annoyance mosquitoes cause would be enough. Nothing like getting bitten in the middle of the night to ruin your chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

When June Gets Here

In Florida we have an incredible amount of water; most of South Florida is basically a repurposed swamp and mosquitoes love all that water. To make matters worse, we have a rainy season that lasts from June through September, bringing with it several inches of rain every month. It does not take long for mosquitoes to make use of that water and multiply exponentially. The beginning of the rainy season in Florida is one of the best indicators that it is indeed time to invest in a home mosquito misting system.

home mosquito misting systemWhen a Heatwave is on its Way

If there is something mosquitoes love, it is the heat. Even though you find mosquitoes in colder climates, only in the tropics do they thrive. Whenever there is a heatwave you know to expect more mosquitoes, and when it comes to Florida you can usually expect water to come with that heat, making the ideal situation for mosquitos to breed and proliferate.



What to Do When You Know

When you start to see the signs and realize you need a home mosquito misting system, make sure to contact SWAT Mosquito Systems®️. Our system is the best there is; our mist consists of a variety of products, including pyrethrum (a chrysanthemum based and biodegradable product), permethrin, natural oils, as well as some non-toxic options. The systems are landscape-friendly and can typically be hidden in the foliage. Give us a call at 1-866-900-SWAT (7928) and let us design the best mosquito misting system for you.