Global Warming & Mosquitoes – Is There A Connection?

You might have noticed more mosquitoes buzzing around than usual, but why are they so abundant all of a sudden? There’s global warming to thank for that. When you consider all of the ideal climates and conditions that mosquitoes love, it’s no wonder that the effects of global warming work in their favor. To better understand the connection between global warming and mosquitoes, the professionals at SWAT Mosquitoes West Palm Beach are here to give you a crash course!

An Increase In CO2 Emissions

It’s no secret that CO2 emissions are largely responsible for global warming, triggering what is referred to as the “greenhouse effect”. Since our atmosphere acts as a barrier, any excess heat becomes trapped on Earth and causes the overall temperature to rise. Coincidentally, mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide. That’s why you’ll see many of them swarming humans, especially individuals who tend to breathe more. Their main goal may be to get their blood meal, but the allure of CO2 also attracts them.

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Rising Temperatures And Heat Waves

Since CO2 emissions cause a greenhouse effect that makes our planet warmer, the temperature in many areas has risen to a new standard. Mosquitoes are already active at around 50 degrees, but the warmer the better. These biting bugs thrive in the heat, so it comes as no surprise that global warming is helping them out in that aspect. Eggs actually hatch and mature much faster in these hotter climates.

Despite there being plans in place, many areas aren’t keen on the idea of making efforts to lower their temperatures. But even if everyone did decide to cooperate in lowering their temperatures, we’re past the point of seeing a substantial impact with everyone’s hard efforts. All we can do now is fight back against the mosquitoes themselves.

Changes In Sea Levels And Hurricanes

You’ve probably heard about glaciers and ice caps melting as a result of global warming. But what does that have to do with the mosquito population? When sea levels rise, they can interfere with the climate by inducing intense storms and hurricanes. Mosquitoes tend to breed more soon after a hurricane because the aftermath results in a breeding ground that’s abundant in stagnant water sources. All it takes is one inch of water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, so you can imagine what’s left behind after a heavy storm or even a bit of rainfall.

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