Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Some People Over Others?

It’s totally true, mosquitoes tend to favor some people over others when looking for their blood meal. But how do they pick and choose from a crowd? SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa will teach you why mosquitoes are attracted to certain types of people so you can find out whether you’re a prime target for these pesky insects!

Some Species of Mosquitoes Only Go After Certain Blood Types

Kind of like how we tend to have favorite cuisines when choosing a restaurant to visit for dinner, some mosquitoes prefer certain blood types over others. One species may only consume Type O blood while a completely different species may be drawn to Type AB blood. Some people go their entire lives without remembering what their blood type is, but mosquitoes are able to smell what type you are without even going in for a taste test. You can think of yourself as a walking advertisement in that regard.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted To Heat and Sweat

Are you an active person who tends to sweat a lot? Even if you’re not a sporty person, some people naturally sweat and excessively exhale more than others. Other than needing some extra deodorant, you could also be paying the price in mosquito bites since these biting bugs love the lactic acid and ammonia found in sweat and the carbon dioxide that we produce when we breathe.

Can Your Clothes Make You An Easier Target?

Mosquitoes may use various scents to lead them to their next blood meal, but what you wear can also be a critical factor. For instance, they can see black and other dark colors of clothing from an incredibly far distance compared to lighter clothing such as white, tan, or beige. So not only do you have to worry about sweating or breathing too much, or having a certain blood type, but now you have your wardrobe to consider.

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Delicious Bacteria Could Be Living On Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes will attack your ankles? It’s not just because they’re commonly exposed body parts. There’s a certain type of bacteria that exists around the foot area that they can detect from a distance, and of course, they’re drawn to it as a delectable source. You’d be surprised to find out how much bacteria clings to your body on a daily basis that bugs find utterly attractive.

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Sway Mosquitoes Away With SWAT Mosquito Systems!

Some things you can’t help, like your blood type or if you happen to sweat more than the average person. Even if you only sweat from working out in your backyard, you shouldn’t have to change up your lifestyle or give up your favorite activities just to lessen the chance of getting bitten. For easy mosquito control that works no matter what kind of person you are, mosquito misting systems are the way to go! These automated systems go off during peak hours of the day and have been proven to promote an environment with fewer mosquitoes, and you can even control it in the palm of your hand through a handheld remote or smartphone app.

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