GMOs Secret to Solving Mosquito Problems?


A British Biotech Company has been running trials on a genetically modified mosquito that could in time be the answer to the global mosquito problem.  Millions of people die every year from illnesses spread by mosquito bites. Malaria alone kills half a million people in Africa on a yearly basis. Not to mention the billions of dollars they end up costing the government and the suffering they cause among those affected.  Mosquitoes are, without a doubt, a lot more than just an annoyance – they lower the quality of life of millions and pose a threat to the health and livelihood of billions.

Could We Be at the Start of a New Age?

effective mosquito misting systemIf the trials conducted by Oxitec are to be believed, we may be living in a time right out of a science fiction novel.  The trials they ran showed a decrease of up to 96 percent in the mosquito population. They achieved this by introducing the genetically modified mosquito into the population. As the mosquito reproduces, the gene that prevents them from living past the larval stage comes into play, decimating the mosquito population before it starts. 

If they can manage to stop a generation of mosquitoes from getting past the larval stage, we just might be looking at a decrease in the mosquito population around the world. If you live in a mosquito infected part of the world like South Florida, you would be breathing a sigh of relief right about now.  Unfortunately, Oxitec is taking quite a bit of flak from anti-GMO organizations, but with some luck, we might be looking at a mosquito-free world, or at the very least, one in which they are not such a big factor.

Will This Be Like the Promised Flying Cars of the 2000s?

Only time will tell whether this almost magical solution will come to pass or if it, like many of the technological promises the future always seems to make, will end up in smoke. While we can only hope that this solution will come to pass, we do have to take care of the present.

mosquito misting systemProtect Yourself Now and Hope for the Best

While we wait for this new world, we still have mosquitoes to deal with and we still have many deadly viruses being carried by mosquitoes.  In the meantime, the logical thing to do is to install a mosquito misting system in order to eliminate mosquitoes now.  A home mosquito control system will ensure that your property is safe from mosquitoes and that your health is safeguarded against dengue, malaria, Zika and the countless other lethal viruses that mosquitoes are known for.

Choose SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ for Better Peace of Mind 

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