How Long Do Mosquito Misting Systems Take to Eliminate Mosquitoes


Mosquitos, no-see-ums, and other biting insects – when you’re living in Florida, it’s a given that you’ve encountered all variety of bugs while outside. Being bitten by these insects is never pleasant, which is why many look for ways to get rid of these pests for good. While we primarily utilize repellents at SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ to keep biting insects away, we still often get asked, “How long do sprays take to kill bugs?” Today, let’s consider how different sprays can impact your approach to keep these mosquitos and no-see-ums at bay.

Different Methods of  Eliminate Mosquitos

When it comes to biting insects, the time it takes to kill them can vary based on a lot of variables. Most importantly, what kind of spray is being used? There are many different sprays on the market. Our mosquito misting systems use pyrethrum, a  natural, botanical insecticide that is environmentally friendly and has several major advantages over chemically synthesized insecticides including its rapid breakdown in the environment and its lack of insect resistance.

We also use Zero-Bite, a natural and botanical insect repellent.  We also offer a rosemary oil-based product, with EcoSmart Botanicals™, is USDA National Organic Program Compliant. Rosemary has been used for centuries to keep mosquitoes and other pests away. EcoSmart products have no adverse effect on children, pets, wildlife or the environment and also will not contaminate water sources.

The Danger of Mosquito Sprays

Of course, if your goal is to kill the mosquitos outright, there are other concerns you should consider with mosquito sprays. If they use synthetic ingredients, many can be toxic to the environment, which can have an unintended impact on your landscaping. Additionally, most sprays made for killing insects will kill more than just the biting insects like no-see-ums and mosquitos, which can lead to unintended consequences.

Beyond these concerns, there is also the reality that simply killing mosquitos and other biting insects doesn’t stop the root of the problem. They will continue to breed, which means an endless cycle of active spraying to eliminate the insects. Instead, using a mosquito repellant can be a much more sensible alternative.

Leveraging Mosquito Repellant in Your Yard

So, the next time you ask “how to kill mosquitos” you might want to pause and reconsider your approach. Using a mosquito misting system can be a powerful option to spray mosquito repellant. Instead of focusing on killing the biting insects, your focus is on keeping them away. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors without paying a second thought to these once pesky no-see-ums and mosquitos. Call SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ at 1-866-900-7928 and find out how our licensed technicians can help you today.