How to Keep Your House Free of Mosquitos

 Making your home a mosquito-free environment 

We all hate getting mosquito bites while outside in our backyard, but there is something slightly worse, getting eaten alive in your living room. Here in Florida the humidity and overall tropical climate attracts these pests year round. So it is very important to ensure that when you are coming in from outside the mosquitos aren’t following you inside. 

The Battleground

In order to fight mosquitos you gotta start at the place where they are most likely coming from, outside. If you reduce the population outside they are less likely to be able to come into your home. This means removing the current population, larvae, and making the environment itself inhospitable for them. Therefore you should consider a SWAT mosquito system. It goes off at sunrise and sunset when mosquito populations are most prominent. The system also gives you a remote so you can control when it goes off as well. 

Beyond having the system, here are just some good tips to help limit the population on your own. If there is any standing water around your home it is a good idea to get rid of it. Mosquitos breed around areas like that, therefore removing it gives less of a chance of them multiplying around there. Clean your gutters, keep your grass low cut, and remove any items that could be a good place for them to congregate. It is also a good idea to partner up with your neighbors. This way you can ensure your shared space between your homes are clear enough that mosquitos will not want to come there. 

mosquito controlAnother option to consider is treating the area with a mosquito elimination barrier treatment. Although if you install a SWAT mosquito system there is no need for that and it is a biodegradable/ more environmentally friendly product. With this system you wouldn’t have to worry about your pets being out in the yard and possibly ingesting harmful chemicals. 

Your Home Entry

If you want to ensure mosquitos can’t enter your home, make it difficult for them. If you have a screened in patio ensure there are no rips or breakages in the material. You can also add weather strips to your doors to seal off any possible entryways for the pest.

Make Mosquitos Know They are Uninvited

Certain smells can be bad to mosquitos and if you have an oil diffuser utilize it. Essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus, just to name a few, may help keep them out. If you prefer a more permanent fix to your mosquito problem, consider a SWAT mosquito system! As our slogan says we move in and they move out, so call now to get started on creating a mosquito free home.