Mosquito Misting System vs Fogging: Which one should I use?

There are many ways to combat mosquitoes, but which is the best way for your home or business? Fogging systems disperse a chemical mist that kills mosquitoes, for a short period of time.  While a mosquito misting systems use a series of nozzles to release a mixture of things that smothers the insects at certain points in time. So, which is better for my home? A mosquito misting system or fogging the area? Let’s take a closer look.


Fogging is a quick fix way to get your yard somewhat bug free. It’s great if you are hosting a party or event in your yard but not for long term use. Fogging sprays a chemical into the grass and surrounding areas making the mosquitos currently there die. This does not account for the mosquito larvae and other bugs. 

Not to mention with Florida’s climate it does not work as well because things like the constant sunshine, rain, and even sprinklers can ruin it. All of those things can wipe away the fog and nothing is there to replace it. 

When fogging is done it usually can last anywhere from 4-8 hours. An important thing to note is this method doesn’t completely rid of the mosquitos it just reduces the number.

The Mosquito Misting System 

When you utilize a SWAT mosquito misting system you are spraying your yard at sunset and sunrise, as well as you have a remote control in which you can turn the system on at your leisure. The reason the system goes off on its own at those two times is because it is when mosquitos are at their peak.

The system sprays a mist of biodegradable, pet safe, pyrethrum which eliminates all the larvae and pupa. The mosquito misting system minimizes the mosquito population and as we say, they move out and we move in.

Our Way of Doing Mosquito Removal 

A mosquito misting system is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes. It’s eco-friendly, so it won’t affect your health or the environment around you. The SWAT mosquito misting system can be used for either commercial or residential properties because of its versatility. If you’re interested in learning more about how a mosquito misting system would work at your place, contact us today! We’ll provide an estimate on what our products will cost and answer any questions that you may have!