Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Certain colors?

If you think mosquitoes are attracted to you specifically, you have probably heard mosquitoes love you. Trust us, it’s not your glowing personality or skills that draws these blood suckers in. Your scent could definitely be a factor, but is there anything else that could contribute to their attraction? 

What is it about you specifically that makes those mosquitoes bypass everyone else but goes straight to you? What makes you so special to them? Well among other things, it could be the clothes you decided to wear. 

How Your Choice Of Clothing Effects Mosquitos

What about your clothing choice of clothing draws mosquitoes to you. Well for one color choice definitely matters especially if you want to avoid mosquito bites. Due to the size of mosquitos eyes dark colors seem to stand out more for them. Therefore, because of the research present with mosquitoes and dark colors, pastel hues might be a better choice to wear. 

Colors such as yellow, baby pink, or white work well. Just be mindful out of all the colors you choose to wear, do not pick blue. These little buggers like blue, which is why many mosquito zappers feature a blue light. They seem to be drawn to the color and anything close to it. Therefore definitely a color you want to avoid at an outdoor event if you can. 

When it comes to mosquitoes choosing their targets, they usually do so from a distance, like a bush or shrub. So if you’re wearing a black dress or a royal blue baseball cap, they’re more likely to choose you because they can find you easier. 

You may also want to lay off on the perfume at an outdoor event. The smell can attract them due to the sweetness and most times, floral notes. So if you just washed your clothes in the laundry and they smell of detergent it can be equally as problematic and can continually attract them. 

What you can do to rid of the mosquitos?

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