Mosquitoes still bugging you in South Florida? The Solution!


Mosquitoes bugging the bejesus outta you? Time to call in the SWAT team!

Palm trees, balmy weather, sunshine…we Floridians are not only lucky, we’re smart! We’re brainy enough to have chosen the best place to live in the entire country. But living in paradise, like living anywhere else, comes with its everyday challenges, and just like anything else, some of those are bigger than others. On the larger scale, yes, we have to deal with hurricanes. On a smaller scale, but no less taxing, is the nuisance of mosquitoes

An indigenous band of blood-sucking soldiers, these loathsome buggers wage warfare on us by sneak attack.  They’re not just irritating, causing itchy welts on our skin and obliterating a painstakingly-planned pool party in mere minutes, they’re downright dangerous, potentially carrying West Nile virus, Zika and encephalitis, among other illnesses.

Sadly, there’s no solution to the first problem… other than stocking up on water and batteries and hunkering down. But to the second, there’s a resolution that’s not only effective, it’s environmentally-safeSWAT Mosquito Systems®️ is a licensed, South Florida pest control company, whose secret weapon is a fully-automated misting system that uses Pyrethrum, a solution derived from chrysanthemums. They also offer a 100 percent USDA National Organic Compliant alternative, a rosemary-based solution made up of essential plant extracts and oils.

All of this might sound sweet, all flowers and herbs and such, but SWAT guarantees their method is downright deadly (to mosquitoes and no-seeums, of course.)  Why? Because their revolutionary system doesn’t just repel the insects, it veritably annihilates them. Therefore, enlisting the help of SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ is both an efficient, and nontoxic, way to fight back. (See, I told you Floridians were smart. But we’re also tough!)

Leave it to a Texan to wrangle up a herd of experts to corral these problematic pests and eradicate them from your home on the range.  President and Founder Steve Jenkins first launched their mosquito misting business in 2002, quickly becoming the highest grossing company of its kind in Northern Texas. Now having brought their expertise to South Florida in 2006, SWAT is enjoying success for this reason alone: it works. “SWAT can wipe out your mosquito problem in as little as two weeks – ensuring peace of mind and restoring the ability to enjoy the outdoors,” says Jenkins. “When you choose SWAT Mosquito Systems®️, you can be confident of worry-free, insect-free enjoyment of your outdoor spaces for years to come.”

Here’s the battle plan: the company installs a custom-built misting system of sprays, strategically located and concealed around the perimeter of the home. “The truly effective method for killing and controlling the mosquito population is to create a barrier around the home,” explains Jenkins. The pyrethrum is “misted” for about 30-60 seconds, three or four times a day. It directly affects the nervous system of biting insects, which kills rather than just repelling.

Think about it. Other repellent options can be a hassle, and don’t necessarily get the job done. Lighting citronella candles, or spraying can after can of stinky spray on your skin, only to have the mosquitoes come back and bite you in the you-know-what. SWAT’s system is favored by homeowners because it’s convenient and unobtrusive. “At SWAT Mosquito Systems®️, we are experts and industry pioneers who use the most technologically advanced, durable equipment available,” says Vice President and Project Manager Brent Ball. “We custom design each system to be highly effective yet virtually invisible, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing yard.”

Additionally, the system is an ideal fit for the increasingly automated world we live in. Command central is a digital display panel. It’s the only system of its kind to incorporate a level-sensing float switch, agitator, and 3-button remote control. “With an agitator, the solution stays well blended, for a consistent, even spray every time,” explains Ball. Setting or changing the frequency and duration of mist cycles on the easy-to-read display panel is a snap. A digital level sensor displays how much insecticide remains in the reservoir. There’s no waste, because when misting isn’t required, a weather sensor can automatically delay extraneous misting. And it even comes with a remote that allows you to mist in-between cycles, or turn the system off entirely. It’s an effortless way to show mosquitoes, and other similar insects, exactly who’s boss.

Best of all, the mosquitoes are the only ones at risk, not the homeowners, because SWAT offers a lifetime warranty for full service customers, as well as a money-back guarantee. “We offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the business,” says Ball. “If you are not fully satisfied with the system within 120 days of installation, we will remove the system and give you a complete refund.”

South Floridians spend thousands of dollars beautifying your home’s exterior, sprucing up the landscape, installing a fabulous swimming pool , and even building an outdoor kitchen to entertain your friends and family. Why let a mini-army of militant mosquitoes ruin the fun and wreak havoc, thereby wasting your investments, when there’s a safe and affordable solution available?

And consumers need not worry, because SWAT makes certain their misting system will endure for years to come, despite tough elements, due to the high quality, sturdy materials that encompass it. Stainless steel or nickel-plated nozzles are incorporated, with viton seals on the Italian fittings and pump. Even the control panel has a weatherproof enclosure. “Building custom mosquito systems is all we do. And we do it right,” says Jenkins, adding, “We use the latest technology available to make the best backyard mosquito control system possible.”

It’s time to take back your terrain. With the SWAT Mosquito System, those devious, and bothersome guerrillas will be outsmarted, and strategically defeated. Hiring SWAT is like bringing in the cavalry, and soon the war against mosquitoes will be over. They’ll be waving the white flag in surrender, and you will be victorious.

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This article originally appeared in “Simply the Best” magazine’s may/june 2014 issue: Guerillas in the Mist