Peppermint oil vs Mosquitos: Who wins?


Can Peppermint oils get rid of mosquitos? 

People are constantly looking for home remedies to fix issues, so why would the pests flying around your house be any different?  It’s said that peppermint oil may be able to rid mosquitos and other creatures but is that the truth? Here’s what we found on the topic. 

Peppermint oil as an insecticide for mosquitos

peppermint oil vs mosquitos

Peppermint is a natural insecticide, the potency is very important to consider when using this product. There were numerous studies that showed that peppermint oil had the capability to kill mosquito larvae within 24 hours. While it is great for killing the larvae, the next question becomes what is it capable of doing to the adult mosquitos. The answer is unknown and although essential oils may be a good temporary fix in the long run their effectiveness overall is unknown. 

What do Experts Say about this method?

In an article I read on the effectiveness of essential oils on repelling insects, there was an interview conducted with a biology and pharmacology professor at Vanderbilt named Laurence Zwiebel. He explained that the effectiveness depends on how they are prepared and how pure the oils are, most of the time you don’t really know what you’re buying. He also stated that they give a somewhat false sense of security. 

Overall Effectiveness and Recommendations

The biggest issue with using essential oils is they evaporate quickly. They are not as effective as DEET or picaridin. Repellents are meant to block an insect’s receptors related to the scent but with essential oils, only a few receptors are blocked. Therefore it is possible it may work on some insects but not all. Another negative is the smell you will have used all these essential oils because the effectiveness of them is increased with a mixture of different kinds.


So what is Recommended to Use? mosquitos

In this case, peppermint oil seems somewhat ineffective and with the possibility of contracting malaria or other mosquito-driven diseases, it’s better to have effective protection. You can try an organic spray but if you want to be the most effective with your protection efforts try a SWAT Mosquito system. This system sprays a mist that keeps pests away from your home. They will install and answer any questions you may have.