Protect your Pets from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a pain, not only do they bite humans they also bite our pets. In Florida the breeding ground for mosquitoes is high due to our warm humid weather. So how do you protect yourself and your pets from these pests? 

Why should you protect your Pet from Mosquitoes? 

Well, mosquitoes can harm pets too. Not only can they leave irritation marks but they can also lead to numerous diseases, such as heartworm. The irritation marks can lead to your pet scratching and destroying their skin or even leading to infection. Unlike humans they don’t understand the concept of ‘Don’t scratch!’ Some even have an allergic reaction to the bites or contract diseases which mosquitoes carry from one thing to another.

How do I Keep Mosquitoes Away from my Pets

  1. Dog Friendly Repellent:

    Talk to your vet about a dog friendly mosquito repellent. There’s a monthly spot treatment and also a temporary spray type as well. Figure out which works best for you and your pet. 

  2. Make your Backyard Mosquito Free:

    Make sure your backyard is mosquito free and what better way than with a SWAT Mosquito system? The system emits a mist that kills mosquitoes in its tracks and it’s pet friendly. 

  3. Make sure your pet is taking Heartworm prevention meds:

    Incase they do get bit even with the mosquito repellent tactics. Heartworm meds are the best way to protect your pet from contracting the disease. 

  4. Get rid of all standing water:

    As we explained in out previous post, it is always a good idea to remove any areas in which mosquitoes can breed. 

  5. Mosquito Repellent Plants:

    We have spoken about some plants you can try to repel mosquitoes away. Check out this post for more information

So how do I ensure My Pet is Safe from Mosquitoes

The best way to ensure your pet is safe is to ensure your home is mosquito free. You can try to some of these tactics such as having certain plants in your backyard but the best way is to install a SWAT Mosquito system.