Say Goodbye To Your Backyard Insects


Trust SWAT for all your Florida Mosquito Control Services

Despite being home to some of the country’s best weather, most spectacular beaches, and beautiful natural parks living in Florida does come with a price. If you have been in Florida for a little while, and particularly stayed through a summer here, you know that our mosquitos can be quite the nuisance. Constantly applying insect repellent is not great for your skin and perhaps even worse for your wallet. In the 21st Century, people have begun to look for alternative natural mosquito control and SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ is driving this revolution. Our patented mosquito mist system is the best of its kind in the industry and our outdoor lighting products are some of the best technology of its kind. As the premiere providers of Florida mosquito control services our technology is guaranteed to keep the bugs away allowing you to enjoy countless beautiful evenings outdoors in The Sunshine State.

Kiss your Backyard Insects Goodbye with a SWAT Mosquito Mist System

The SWAT mosquito mist system is the most user-friendly, unobtrusive insect spray system on the market, and it won’t be long after installation when you first notice a drastic decline in your backyard biters. The system includes a control panel and power station that can easily be stored out of sight in a garage or shed as well as any number of nozzles and spouts discretely hidden around your property. It is remarkably easy to adjust and schedule the spray intervals, and we have found that, following installation, having your system spray 3 or 4 times per day for just 20 – 45 seconds at a time is enough to start combatting your mosquitos and other biting insects. As you notice your local population declining, feel free to decrease the interval.  If the mosquitos make a triumphant unwelcomed return, increasing the spray is as easy as hitting a button!

Enjoy your Mosquito Free Yard with SWAT Landscape Lighting Systems

Once you eliminate all biting insects from your yard using natural mosquito control systems by SWAT you can once again return to enjoying evenings outside.  When this day comes, you will be thrilled to discover that our landscape lighting systems, much like our Florida mosquito control services, are simply the best around.  It is our goal to provide a diverse selection of options at affordable prices so every customer can comfortably enjoy beautiful summer nights under the stars.  Explore our site or visit one of our nearly twenty locations to find the perfect landscape lighting system for your property.

SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ is the number one service in Florida for natural mosquito control, and we all know how bad those pesky little insects need to be managed in our little slice of heaven.  If you have biting insect problems in your yard don’t waste another minute, and let the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ reopen your yard to bonfires, barbeques, and gatherings for many years to come.