Six Proactive Solutions for Mosquitoes



Mosquitoes carry diseases like Zika that can put your life at risk, so why let them bite you when you can prevent them from spreading? Here are some proactive solutions to combat mosquitoes. 

Deny Mosquitoes Access to their Breeding Ground 

Mosquitoes need water for their eggs to hatch. As a result, most types of mosquitoes tend to breed and lay their eggs in standing water or near the waterline so the eggs will hatch when rain brings the water level higher. One simple way to improve your mosquito solution is to go around the entire yard and house with a fine-tooth comb and combat standing water wherever you find it. Remember that water can pool in all sorts of unexpected places, such as gutters, certain plants, and half-empty bottles.

If you come across a pond that you cannot get rid of, treat it instead. There are several ways to treat these bodies of water. You can use products like Mosquito Dunks or go the natural route and use coffee grounds or crushed garlic. 

Use Candles and Lanterns to Drive Mosquitoes Away from Your House

Whenever you are going to sit in the patio, you can light candles containing citronella or lanterns with certain essential oils. It will not get rid of everything, but it does help.

mosquito solutionPlan Your Garden with Mosquitos in Mind

Mosquitoes do not like certain herbs and plants. Armed with this knowledge, you can redesign your patio or yard to make life as uncomfortable for mosquitos as possible. Examples of things mosquitos dislike are: 

  • Lemon balm 
  • Cloves 
  • Citronella 
  • Cedarwood 
  • Lavender 
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary 
  • Lemongrass

Make Use of Traps and Zappers

Believe it or not, there are traps specially made for mosquitos. They work by baiting the unsuspecting mosquito into a closed area where they are caught with adhesives or with nets. Not all types of mosquitoes are easily trapped, which makes it a bit less practical, and you’ll likely need other methods in addition to traps for an effective strategy. Zappers work well. They lure mosquitoes, and like mindless drones, they make their way to the light until they get zapped.

mosquito misting solutionFog the Area You Want to Use the Day Before

This works by flooding the area with an agent lethal to the mosquitos. This is an effective method, but the problem with it is that it takes a long time. Plus, it is all manual work that you usually must do in the heat. Nowhere near as simple as a mosquito misting system.

Invest in a Mosquito Misting System Solution

Any of these tactics will help. Unfortunately, none of them are going to be a silver bullet. The easiest and most effective method of dealing with mosquitoes is a mosquito misting solution that can be put on a schedule to ensure your yard is free of biting insects. SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ offers a state-of-the-art, custom-designed mosquito solution, with a timer set to accommodate your schedule. Contact us today at 1-866-900-SWAT (7928) to find out how we can help you combat mosquitoes.