Summer Season Ends, but Mosquito Season Never Does


Wouldn’t it be nice if mosquitoes didn’t exist at all? Or, at the very least, came only during a specific season? Unfortunately, that is not the case. mosquitoes are not only a threat in the summer. While there may be some months out of the year where the population increases even more than usual due to the higher volume of rain, mosquitoes are a legion the entire year.

Mosquitoes Are a Yearlong Battle

mosquito misting systemLiving in Florida, mosquitoes are a year-long problem. Having so many canals, lakes, and large bodies of slow-moving or standing water, coupled with the fact that we have rain all year round, it is almost impossible to step out of the house and not encounter this pest. Even if you have home mosquito control systems, your neighbor might have standing water all over his yard, making it easy for mosquitoes to cross over to your space. With such a long mosquito season, investing in mosquito prevention and removal is a must for Florida homeowners. 

Mosquitoes Are Not Just Annoying, They Are Dangerous

Mosquitoes are certainly an annoyance. No one likes going into the yard to get bitten from head to toe and dealing with itching scratching. If that were the extent of the threat, we would probably not care so much about finding the perfect method to eliminate mosquitoes. Given the severity of the diseases, mosquitoes can transmit to humans, it would be irresponsible not to consider effective mosquito removal solutions.

effective mosquito misting systemIt seems that every year there is a new outbreak of some lethal disease, and at the center of it, we always find the mosquito as the main culprit. For example, there’s been a recent outbreak of the deadly Eastern equine encephalitis disease this year. Diseases that were once remote and almost forgotten – like Zika, dengue, yellow fever, and encephalitis – have almost become commonplace. Because of this, having an effective mosquito misting system is becoming more of a necessity and less of a luxury.

Let SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Help in the Neverending Mosquito Season

SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ has been creating custom mosquito solutions for businesses and homes for 12 years. We use American-made products and all our systems are installed and maintained by state-licensed techs. Our systems are landscape friendly and will be seamlessly integrated into your yard. Contact us today for a free estimation at 1-866-900-SWAT (7928).