The Best Eco-Green Mosquito Spray to Keep the Bugs at Bay


In today’s world, it is inspiring to see individuals and companies going the extra yard to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions.  Even in the world of insect repellent, people are seeking out garlic bug spray or eco-green mosquito spray systems to eliminate insects while reducing their environmental impact.  We are not that far removed from the days of harmful pesticide use and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and there is a growing movement toward environmentally friendly technologies.  Next time you are outside, lathering yourself in insect repellent, and swatting bug after bug, think how nice it would be to have an insect free backyard!  SWAT, and our eco-green mosquito spray, has your answer and below are three reasons why our Florida insect misting technology is the absolute best way to eliminate mosquitoes and insects from your backyard.

The Top Environmentally Friendly Florida Insect Misting System Available

There are countless ways to try and rid your yard of mosquitos, but most of them fall into one of two categories.  They are either very harmful to the environment or highly ineffective.  For the first time ever, SWAT has developed a technology that is the best of both worlds.  Our mosquito misting systems will eliminate insects from your backyard but, as importantly, do so in an environmentally neutral way.

SWAT’s Most Subtle Florida Insect Misting Technology

In addition to being the only environmentally friendly option to rid your yard of mosquitos, SWAT’s spraying technology is also the most indirect method available.  With sprayers naturally hidden amongst your property’s landscaping, and a control box concealed in a nearby garage or shed, you will forget our spraying system is there at all!  This makes for an unobtrusive and harmless way for your family, your guests, and you to enjoy Florida’s great outdoors.

Most Importantly, SWAT is Effective!

While environmentalism and unobtrusive technology is important, an effective insect repellent is ultimately what everyone desires.  SWAT’s spraying technology is just that!  Instead of relying on harmful (yet effective) chemical sprays or hoping that your grandma’s garlic bug spray is more than an old wives’ tale, trust SWAT’s proven mosquito spraying technology.  You won’t be disappointed!

In the 21st Century, it is becoming increasingly important to find effective solutions to problems while also taking responsibility for their social or environmental implications.  Insect spray has always been a tricky technology in that regard but not anymore!  Put down your DEET and garlic bug spray, and turn to SWAT’s highly effective and environmentally friendly spraying systems to meet all of your moral and insect fighting needs!