Three Components of an Effective Mosquito Misting System



Any backyard mosquito misting system worth its salt will have top-notch components for their hardware, especially in the following two structural components: the controller and the distribution system.  

The Controller

Think of the controller as the brain directing the entire operation. The controller will be responsible for activating the system based on the user’s instructions. You can have the controller put on a schedule where every x amount of hours it will deploy or you can control it remotely.  Like with most things, you have choices: cheap components are plentiful online, yet the best mosquito misting system uses a controller that is to-notch, offering more flexibility and efficiency. 

Three Components of an Effective Mosquito Misting SystemThe Distribution System

The foundation of a mosquito misting system is the network of nozzles that deliver the mist. These are installed around the property to provide optimal coverage for delivery of the insect repellent. The distribution system consists of the tubing circuit, the risers, the copper tubes, and most importantly the nozzles and nozzle tips. You will want to avoid the cheaper alternatives, where tubing that deteriorates and leaks pesticide can be a problem. Your nozzle tips should be precision engineered in order to distribute the mist evenly and in the desired range, otherwise the coverage will be poor leaving pockets where mosquitos can breed and multiply. Once again, the best mosquito misting system will use a high-quality distribution system to provide the most effective mosquito removal. 

Other Components to Consider: The Software, Agitator & the Repellent

Most companies do not offer this. Leading firms with effective mosquito removal solutions have leveraged technology to develop their own applications to give users total control of their mosquito misting systems from anywhere. For example, SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ install an app in your phone so that you can deploy your system anytime from anywhere in the world.  The app will inform you of the pesticide levels making sure you never run out. 

The SWAT mosquito system also incorporates an agitator, which insures the insecticide stays well blended for a consistent, even spray every time. This is important because many chemicals have emulsifiers designed to keep products in suspension or separate over time. Also worthy of mentioning is the actual repellent itself. While having an effective mosquito misting system is great, it needs to be filled with the right product for effective mosquito removal. The best mosquito misting system providers utilize a variety of insect repellent, offering botanical, biodegradable, pyrethrum, permethrin, and non-hazardous solutions. 

effective mosquito removalThe Most Important Component

The most important factor in any system is the human component, that’s why the staff at SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ consists of highly trained technicians, friendly and knowledgeable, ready to help you design the perfect mosquito misting solution for your property. If you are ready to have a professional mosquito removal system installed and finally be rid of these flying pests, give us a call at 1-866-900-SWAT (7928), and we will gladly give you a free estimate on your personalized mosquito misting system.