Tips for South Florida on Fighting Back Against Summer Mosquitoes


Mosquitos are just an all-around nuisance. Not only do they cause millions of deaths every year, but they can quickly ruin an otherwise fun summer activity. From going to the beach to a barbeque with the entire family – these pesky insects are the worst. Thankfully, you have the team from SWAT to help you eliminate mosquitoes and no-see-ums once and for all. Learn how to remove mosquitoes and more below! 

Mosquito Control 101

Mosquito control starts with some simple, practical steps. To start fighting back against mosquitoes this summer, make sure to: 

Wear Light-Colored Clothes

There are a lot of theories about why dark clothes attract mosquitoes. Some are false, but the general scientific consensus is that biting insects are attracted to both bright and dark colors because they are easier to spot against the horizon. Regardless of the “why,” wearing light-colored clothes will help eliminate mosquitoes from your list of things to worry about. 

mosquito backyard controlGet Rid of Any Standing Water

This is more of a mosquito backyard control tip, but you’re going to want to dump out any standing water you have around your house. Standing water is a mosquito’s best friend. They use the water to breed. Make sure to take any cups inside and empty any containers in your yard! 

The Middle of the Day is Your Friend

You can practice mosquito control by avoiding the morning and twilight. Yes, twilight is prime time for having an outdoor family dinner, but it’s also prime time for you to become mosquito dinner. Mosquitos also dislike just about any amount of wind, so consider taking that beach or park trip when it’s a bit windy out. You’ll be sure to avoid no-see-ums and mosquitos. 

Don’t Wear Open-Toed Shoes

Florida is the land of the flipflop, and this is especially true during the humid summer months. Avoid open-toe shoes if you can, and you’ll also help eliminate mosquitos. These pesky flying insects are attracted to foot odor and sweat.  

Tips on How to Remove Mosquitos

Now that you know some easy ways to help fight mosquitoes during the summer, let’s look at how to remove mosquitoes once and for all. 

eliminate mosquitosClean Up Your Yard

Remember when we recommended dumping any standing water? This no-see-um and mosquito backyard control tip is based on the same principle. Your yard, particularly your backyard, has a lot of potential mosquito hotspots. Grills, sheds, bikes, and lawn ornaments can all collect water and serve as a home for biting insects. The same is true for gutters and downspouts. Clean up your yard, and you’ll see fewer mosquitos. 

Get Expertly Designed Mosquito Misting Systems

An effective mosquito misting system is a must if you really want to find out how to remove mosquitoes. While it probably sounds complicated, mosquito misting systems are actually simple. They’re custom-built misters that are placed around your house and yard. They use pyrethrum and rosemary sprays to keep your yard biting insect free and offer unparalleled mosquito backyard control.

 Every expertly designed SWAT Mosquito Misting System comes with complete quality assurance. We get the job done, and you can rest assured we do whatever it takes to keep your yard mosquito-free. Contact us today at (866) 900-SWAT for a free estimate!