What Types of Mosquitoes Live in South Florida?


If you live in Florida, you know that there never seems to be a shortage of mosquitoes or other biting insects in the state. Biting insects are most plentiful during the summer months when it becomes a true challenge just to avoid being eaten alive by no-see-ums and mosquitoes. Florida is home to many varieties of biting insects. Let’s review what types of mosquitoes live in South Florida. 

When Is Mosquito Season in Florida?

The season for biting insects is mostly dependent upon the amount of rainfall in the area and the temperatures. In much of Florida, the temperatures remain mild even during the winter months and mosquito season can seem like it lasts the whole year. While temperatures may be moderate, the winter months occur during Florida’s dry season and are less conducive to high insect populations. Of course, biting insects are often happy to find sources of standing water in which to hatch. Most mosquitos reproduce and thrive in shady outdoor areas providing them a moist environment. In such an environment, biting insects can thrive if the temperature remains above about 50 degrees. They cannot live at lower temperatures.  

mosquito species in FloridaWhat Mosquitoes Live in Florida?

While all insect bites may feel the same, you can find about 80 different species of biting insects in Florida. No other state can “boast” as many different species. Of those 80 different species, about 13 of them are disease carriers and can cause serious harm to people. Some of the more common mosquitoes found in Florida include the Asian Tiger mosquito, found throughout Florida and a potential carrier of the Zika virus. The yellow fever mosquito, also known as Aedes Aegypti, can also spread the Zika virus, as well as the Chikungunya virus. Another biting insect common to the eastern United States, including Florida, is Psorophora Ciliata. Also referred to as Gallinipper, this fellow is known for his painful bite and can carry both encephalitis and the West Nile virus. 

Mosquito Species in Florida

Mentioned above are just three of the 80 different species of no-see-ums and mosquitoes that can be found in Florida at one time or another. Regardless of the species, being bitten by one is never a pleasant experience. The State of Florida does put a lot into the effort to control the mosquito population, and those mosquito control efforts are helpful. While the biting insect season may be a year-round affair, mosquito populations go up and down with the temperature. The warmest summer months produce higher populations of biting insects. So, what is the best way to protect your family from these biting insects? Consider a mosquito control system.

what mosquitos live in FloridaSWAT Mosquito Control Systems

Mosquito misting systems are the best protection against biting insects of all types, including mosquitos and no-see-ums. Do you want excellent protection against bites and protection from diseases of all types? Then you want mosquito misting. 

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