What Types of Diseases are Spread by Mosquito Bites?


types of mosquito borne diseases

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s the start of mosquito season. This is a reminder that their bites can be dangerous and transmit diseases. Yes, mosquito bites can make you sick. Mosquito-borne diseases are prevalent around the globe, but here in Florida, the most common mosquito-borne diseases that can be transmitted to humans are West Nile Virus disease, Zika Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and St. Louis Encephalitis. People over the age of 50 are most at risk for diseases. You need to go after the source – the mosquito. The best way to get rid of mosquitos and other biting insects that spread disease is with a customized mosquito misting system.

West Nile Virus

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in its findings for 2018, Florida is one of 49 states and the District of Columbia that reported West Nile infections in people, birds or mosquitos last year. Most people don’t develop any symptoms, while others will experience headache, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea, or rash, or severe symptoms that affect the central nervous system. There are no vaccines or special antiviral treatments available.

Types of Diseases

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) is a rare mosquito-borne illness that occurs mostly in eastern or Gulf Coast states. Florida has reported an increase in the number of EEE cases. Mosquitos can also transmit the disease to horses and humans. Some symptoms include high fever, severe headaches, stiff neck, and sore throat. The illness, which causes swelling of the brain, kills 30 percent of its victims. Survivors typically suffer from ongoing neurological problems.

Zika Virus

The Zika virus arrived in the United States in 2016. Symptoms, which appear in only 1 in 5 cases, include fever, rash, muscle pain, and redness in the whites of your eyes. It has been linked to serious birth defects. There is no vaccine to prevent Zika, nor can it be treated with medicine. There is no cure.

St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE)

St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE) was first recognized in Illinois in 1932, but quickly became an epidemic in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri one year later. Symptoms usually don’t appear until about 5 to 15 days after an infected mosquito has bitten you. Those symptoms can include fever with headache and meningitis. Besides treating the symptoms, as of now, there is no official treatment for SLE.

Take Preventive Steps

types of diseases mosquitoes carryThere are preventive steps you can personally take to protect yourself and your family from getting diseases borne by mosquitos. We all know it gets really hot in South Florida, but when outside, consider wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants. The same goes for your children, cover strollers and baby carriers with mosquito netting. To keep mosquitos out of your home, repair any torn screens on doors, windows, or the lanai. Get rid of any standing water on your property which is a prime breeding ground for mosquitos. They can easily lay eggs in buckets, flower pots, kiddie pools, toys, trash containers – anything that holds water. They don’t need a lot of water to breed.

SWAT’s Mosquito Misting System Will Get Rid of Mosquitos

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